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Learning how to increase Airbnb bookings on your property is difficult any time of the year. During off-seasons, it can be particularly hard to keep your property booked. The best properties are competitive both during high-season and in the off-season. Learn all of the ways that Optimize My Airbnb will increase your property’s bookings almost overnight.

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Why Does Optimize My Airbnb Work?

Optimize My Airbnb was founded by a former Airbnb employee turned Airbnb property manager. Founded with the knowledge from those two positions and experiences behind the scenes, the process works because it takes into account every aspect of your Airbnb listing, from your photos to your host profile.

You won’t find anyone more qualified to optimize your Airbnb listing than Optimize My Airbnb.

Increase Airbnb Bookings In Any Season

There is no magic formula to increase Airbnb bookings; the ideal method for each person and property take a little trial and error to perfect. No matter what formula you ultimately find successful, low-season can be a particularly difficult time for your property listing. Enlist the help of Optimize My Airbnb and learn how to combat low-season, wherever your listing is located.

Here are some basic tips you can implement immediately to your Airbnb booking:

Lower Your Rate…:…by more than you think, often up to 40%! To combat low-season lulls, it’s important to dramatically drop your rates in order to stand out and encourage regular booking rates.

Increase Percentage Discounts:Take into account your competition and increase percentage discounts accordingly to be competitive during low-season; filter searches as a guest would by area, number of beds and price range and beat your competition by 5%. Adjusting things like weekly and monthly discounts are particularly successful at increasing low-season bookings.

Offer Special Deals For Friends:Send an email a week after a guest stays at your property offering a discount for family and friends (provided they mention you by name or apply a given discount code). This will encourage more bookings and you can even get creative, offering the deal only if guests book 4 days or more, for example, or only within the next few months (staying within low season).

Spruce Up Your Title: As mentioned before, finding the best Airbnb title is one of the most important parts of your property listing. Make it extra catchy during low-season by adding “discount”, “low-season special” or “extra 10% discount”. Adding these to your title will, at the very least, encourage potential guests to click on your posting (it would be foolish not to at least look right?) and from there the rest of your property listing can take over.

Play With Your Calendar Availability:By adjusting your calendar’s availability, you can get ahead of the low-season slow down by putting your property on the map ahead of your competition. Consider those planning for a music festival, wedding or other big event that has to be planned a year in advance. Adjusting when potential guests can book means less stress on you when you actually enter low-season.

Eliminate Extra Person Charges:Charges for addition guests in your room or home are not uncalled for, during high season. During low-season, this could make the difference between someone booking a night at your property or not. Remove this extra fee during low-season to increase booking rates. Adding a fee for having more than 3 or 4 people crash, however, is smart because it will eliminate the chance that your property gets overcrowded and trashed, as a result.

Consider Lowering Your Minimum Night Stay:Having a 2 night minimum stay is a good strategy during high-season but consider a single night minimum during low season to fill some of those miscellaneous days.
Using these strategies and employing Optimize My Airbnb into your Airbnb listing strategy will keep you booked throughout low-season.

How To Increase Bookings On Airbnb In Any Month

To start optimizing your listing, the strategy is simple; purchase an optimization package with Optimize My Airbnb, send in your URL and get a report on how to increase bookings on Airbnb within days. No bullshit, no waiting, just clear results FAST.

Optimize My Airbnb will teach you how to increase Airbnb bookings by looking at every aspect of your property listing and determine the exact best ways to increase your booking rates. Expect the following to be examined:

    • Photos: Photos will be examined for photo clarity, size and overall selling potential.
    • Title: Craft a catchy title to best grab potential guests attention. Your title can change based on the time of year, user reviews and more.
    • Description/Summary: Your description and summary are essential selling points for your property. The summary is the abbreviated version of your description while your description allows you to leave no detail out. Really sell your property here!
    • Profile: Many hosts overlook their own profile but fail to realize this is one of their most important selling points. A hosts’ profile humanizes the process and reminds guests that they have someone other than a paid hotel employee to help make their stay comfortable and fun! Utilizing your profile is an important part of the Optimize My Airbnb strategy.
    • Pricing: This one is self-explanatory. Let the pros help you optimize your pricing based on the time of year, your competition and more.
    • Reviews: Learn from insiders how to combat negative reviews and what things to improve upon based on patterns in your reviews.

No matter how long you have been an Airbnb host or property manager, there is always room to improve, especially during low-season! Optimize My Airbnb has seen it all; from negative reviews to a boring title, they know how to improve your listing and get your property booked solid during any season.

The process is simple and affordable and the results are fast and straightforward. Learn how to increase Airbnb bookings and see changes almost immediately.

Learn what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right and secrets from behind the scenes today!