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Hosting Tips

Let’s Talk About Revenue

Tips and strategy about how you should price your listing and which intelligent pricing tool you should use
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Pimp Your Airbnb: 6 Affordable Airbnb Listing Upgrades

It's all in the details! Read me to know which 6 Airbnb listing upgrades to provide for 5-star reviews and be on your way to Superhost status!
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5 Star Airbnb Review

5 Tips to 5-Star Reviews

Learn how to earn 80% 5-Star Airbnb reviews to become an Airbnb Superhost, only three-percent of all Airbnb hosts are considered Superhosts.
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How to Identify Problem Guests Before They Book

With so many new Airbnb guests sign​ing up everyday, how do you decide if the guest will be a good one or not? Read this short article for my analysis.
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Airbnb Revenue Calculator

Want To Know How Much Your Space Is Worth?

Check out this revenue estimate calculator from Airbnb! Airbnb Revenue Calculator
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Why You Should Always Respond To Guest Reviews + How

There are three reasons why you should be responding to Airbnb guest reviews. Learn about them in this short blog post.
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Airbnb Tips for getting the right guest

Van Halen, Brown M&Ms, + Airbnb Guests Who Don’t Read

Want to know what Van Halen, Brown M&Ms, and Airbnb guests who do not read have in common? I explain with this Airbnb tip. Read blog for more Airbnb tips.
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Listing Tips

Airbnb Pricing Hack For More Views

Powerful Airbnb pricing hack to be used in combination with a 'smart pricing' tool to virtually guarantee you more views.
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5 Photo Tips For More Reservations

Ever wonder why others are higher in Airbnb search? A lot has to do with clicks and reservations, which starts with great Airbnb photo tips.
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Snappy, Catchy, + Thorough – Your Listings Mantra

We know that guests don’t read, right? Right. The solution is to make the most information available in the least amount of text on your Airbnb listing.
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Airbnb host tips - listing important sections

3 Most Important Sections of Your Airbnb Listing

Read this short blog post to learn about the three most important sections of your Airbnb listing keeping you from getting more guests. Airbnb host tips
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Airbnb News

Airbnb news december 2016

Fun + Unique Airbnb News, December ’16

Airbnb enforces caps in London/Amsterdam; Airbnb moves into China; Experts dispute Airbnb's impact on housing crisis; Airbnb opens new international HQ
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airbnb news

Fun + Unique Airbnb News, November ’16

A hairdryer can earn you $10 more per night; Airbnb's head of global operations has left the company; $1k promotion by SolarCity; plus more!
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Fun + Unique Airbnb News, October '16

Fun + Unique Airbnb News, October ’16

Airbnb isn't really driving up rents; Airbnb cofounders more charitable than Warren Buffet, says Warren Buffet; Super-Mario themed Airbnb; plus more!
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airbnb news - september 2016

Fun + Unique Airbnb News, September ’16

Airbnb hires more minorities; Airbnb hosts offer free housing to victims; Airbnb probably isn't driving up rents; plus more!
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airnb news - august 2016

Fun + Unique Airbnb News, August ’16

What is actually causing the housing shortage in your town; Airbnb and the Rio Olympics; Airbnb Trips; plus more!
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Airbnb Open

Airbnb Open 2016 Los Angeles - Brian Chesky Introduces Airbnb Trips

Airbnb Open 2016 Los Angeles – Photo Summary

Won't you join me on my picture recap diary of Airbnb Open 2016 in Los Angeles…
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Airbnb Open Los Angeles 2016

Airbnb Open 2016 Los Angeles

Join my Airbnb Open Facebook event to meet hosts before your arrival. Not going? Join my Facebook group for live updates throughout the event. Or, join my Airbnb Open Alumni group!
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What is Airbnb

Airbnb Explained in 180 Words

Read this 180-word blog post that fully explains what Airbnb is on a psychological level.
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Company Review: Payfully, Airbnb Payments

Review of Payfully, a company that allows you to receive funds from future Airbnb reservations. Plus, a promotion code for first-time users.
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sharing economy predictions

Sharing Economy Near Term Future Predictions

3 sharing economy predictions in the near-term future: housing, cars, stuff
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