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It’s a tool that will suggest an optimized title for your Airbnb listing based on the answers you provide. The below strategy is based on my Advanced, Super Host, and Elevate Host Optimizations which receive a custom Airbnb title.


The questions are listed in rough order of importance so start with number one and answer at least five questions.


Answers are not saved and cleared after each session.

How Important Is Your Airbnb Title?

The birth of this tool is due to a recent experience I had searching for Airbnbs in Nha Trang, Vietnam. In Nha Trang, all of the Airbnbs look identical. They all have professional photos. They all have ocean-facing balconies. They all have modern interiors and in a modern building with a pool and a gym.

I could not figure out, even with the photos, my best option. My trip is one week long and I took about 10 minutes searching before reserving an Airbnb. The average trip is 3.5 days on Airbnb. This means the average FPG (future potential guest) is choosing an Airbnb in less than 5 minutes. You must differentiate yourself in as many ways as possible and the Airbnb title is very important for this.


If one of the Airbnbs in Nha Trang told me, in the Airbnb title, what differentiates them from their competition, many of which were in the same building, I’d have easily booked that listing. But, not one did.


In the case of Nha Trang, the specifics and “Surprise + Delight” features become more relevant. The floor number should be highlighted, especially if you’re on a higher floor (penthouse?). The square feet/meters of the unit should be in the Airbnb title. If you’re a corner unit, this separates you from most other Airbnbs in your building. Even the building could be highlighted, but not the name because most travelers aren’t going to know what the building name represents unless it’s extremely well known around the world.


Here’s a great title for this area: ❤ of Nha Trang | Newest Building | Penthouse | 950ft²

How to use the Airbnb Title Generator


Answer at least five questions (click ‘Show More’ if needed).


Select whether or not you want to include emojis in your Airbnb title.


Enter your email address.


Click “Generate My Personal Airbnb Title”.


Copy the title in your Airbnb listing (if using emoji’s, use a desktop browser).
1. Address
2. Premium District?
3. Hot Tub?
4. Pool?
5. Balcony?
6. Do you have any other unique feature?
7. Square Footage/Square Meter of the entire home including balcony/patio?
Number of bedrooms?
8. Backyard?
9. King Bed?
10. Parking?
11. Wifi speed in Mbps?
12. Netflix?
13. Smart TV?
14. Gym?
15. How many TVs?
16. BBQ?
17. Full kitchen with all basic amenities to cook a full meal?
18. Self check-in?
19. How many minutes to the airport?
20. Are you nearby a well-known traveler destination?
21. Washer and Dryer?
22. A/C?
23. Fireplace?
Do you want to include emojis in your title? (ie ⭐, ☀️, ⛱️, ✔️, 👉)
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