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2000+ nights in Airbnbs

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What do you get when you cross a former Airbnb employee with an Airbnb Superhost, full-time Airbnb guest and short-term rental extraordinaire addicted to continual improvement? Well, me!

Hi, I’m Danny

Founder of OptimizeMyBnb.com and author of the best-selling book for Airbnb hosts “Optimize YOUR Bnb: The Definitive Guide to Ranking #1 in Airbnb Search.”

With my insider knowledge I’ve been able to 4 x the income from my own Airbnb investment property and through OptimizeMyBnb.com I’m helping other ambitious short-term rental hosts do the same.

Get that Airbnb booked-out feeling

Imagine waking up to as many “New Bookings” as you want. That’s what thousands of OptimizeMyBnb.com hosts are experiencing simply by optimizing their Airbnb listing with my best-in-industry strategies.


How can I help you optimize your Airbnb short-term rental?

Learn how to:

Optimize your entire short-term-rental business

Optimized Business Course logo airbnb short term rental program

Optimized Business Program


Want to know the exact formula I used to 4x my Airbnb’s income? Or the confidence, tools, and strategies to know you’ll be a winner in any market? My 8-week Optimize Your Business program for short-term rental hosts shares everything you need to know about finding, optimizing, pricing, and running a successful STR business, whether one or ten rentals, now and in the future.

  • Learn how to optimize your Airbnb listing to convert more lookers into bookers
  • The A-Z of running a successful and profitable short-term rental business
  • How to delight guests (and minimize the damage from those that can never be satisfied)

Join Week 3 Live | June 12, 2023 | How to optimize your online listing
Weekly Live Q/As | Individual attention
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Let me optimize your:

Airbnb listing


Optimized Airbnb Listing



Be seen by more Future Potential Guests (FPGs). Let me search engine optimize (SEO) your Airbnb listing to appear higher in searches and increase your booking conversion rate.

  • Appear at the top of Airbnb search results,
  • Increase the number of conversions, and
  • Be the obvious first choice for your dream guests.

Let me optimize your:

Airbnb management


Optimized Host

(prior: Elevate Host)


Thinking of outsourcing your short-term rental hosting to a property manager (and sending them a 20% commission every month)? Think again.

Did you know that more than half of owners using a property manager are unsatisfied? Short-term rental hosting can be time consuming – if done the regular way. But, with my efficiency system that I use for my own Airbnb property management company, you will:

  • Reduce your hosting workload down to 1 hour per week for a booked-out Airbnb property when I setup my automations, systems and procedures customized for your Airbnb listing
  • Avoid damaging negative reviews due to lackluster property managers (and learn how to minimize the fallout from guests who simply can’t be pleased)
  • Included: best-selling “Super Host Airbnb Listing Optimization”

My Story

I’m Danny Rusteen, the former Airbnb employee who’s been traveling the globe since 2017, staying in Airbnb’s as a guest more than 2,000 nights and owner of The Belmonte Penthouse, an Airbnb in Medellin, Colombia.

I’ve helped Airbnb hosts in over 75 countries around the world make more money and know what it takes to create an unforgettable STR with consistently high occupancy rates, pleasant guests, and 5-star reviews.

I understand the highs and lows of being an Airbnb host, from unhelpful property managers to dealing with pesky low-quality guests, cleaners, and maintenance staff, thanks to my experience as Airbnb’s 700th employee at headquarters, owning an Airbnb myself, and managing others.




Nights in Airbnbs

Don’t take it from me

“I had a disparity between my listings. An Airbnb agent basically said it was complicated and she didn’t exactly know why, but that the listing you optimised appeared easier to read, was more approachable, and ranked higher as a result.”

Ryan F, Airbnb Host

“You might be a magician. I made a bunch of your suggested updates to the listing and I’ve had $660 in bookings (only 2 nights!) in the last 24 hours. Thank you for your help!”

Todd Z, Airbnb Host

“Since consulting with you, my Airbnb payouts are up 30%. The first 3 months of the year are the hottest time and I did so well last year that I did not believe 30% more was even possible! Thank you!”

Tami J, Airbnb Host

“I cannot believe how much activity I have had since you worked on my listing. Within 5 days of Danny’s changes I got 4 requests and now my Summer is almost full.”

Kathleen Z, Airbnb Host


Danny Rusteen – author of the recently released

Profitable Properties

Airbnb Inside Secrets to Find, Optimize, Price & Book Direct Any Short-Term Rental for Year-Round Occupancy

Using my intimate knowledge of Airbnb and vast experience with short-term rentals, I teach you the details you need to optimize every aspect of your rental business to consistently win in your market, year after year.

Profitable Properties (ProPro) is about doing more with less. It’s about maximizing the ROI from each real estate investment.

Let's optimize your Aibnb and maximize your investment.

I know from experience that an optimized short-term rental is a great investment and doesn’t need to be full of headaches and frustration. Working with me, you’ll get more bookings with ease and create the ultimate hosting experience for you and your guests. Let’s get started.