Learn to fill your calendar consistently and be that host in your market.

The “profitable properties” program

Last Update: 12th September 2023

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The confidence to know you can be successful in any short-term rental market.

As a prior Airbnb employee, Superhost and guest of 2k+ nights, I know how Airbnb works better than anyone and I know how to leverage it to be the envy of your market. Worrying about your calendar is a thing of the past. I know firsthand the challenges (and opportunities) that come with owning and managing an STR.

I designed the Profitable Properties Program to give you the mindset, tools, optimization, and automation strategies to problem solve on the go for long-term success well after the program ends.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your teaching. Your optimize my BNB book, the profitable properties book, and the Profitable Properties Program have helped me beyond my expectations!  I have bought my first property already, and gearing up to purchase more in the coming months once this property is stabilized. I am on a mission to build financial freedom utilizing STR as the vehicle, and your teachings have been a critical asset for me on that journey.

I thought you should know how much your program has helped me and the good you are doing for investors like me to help us move forward in our financial freedom journey.

Tashfin, The Profitable Properties Program Participant #3


You know you’re in good hands.

This is the ultimate program for short-term rental hosts by the author of the best-selling and highest-rated book for Airbnb hosts.

Airbnb Superhost Fact:

Did you know that being an Airbnb Superhost does not give you any added search rank boost?

There are many Superhosts towards the top of search because, well, they’re super hosts delivering excellent service to their guests and making Airbnb plenty of money. This program teaches you how to leverage the search algorithm from an insider’s perspective and without the generic fluff.

Learn how to self-manage your Airbnb, even from a different city, and save 20% commission.

With today’s tools, it’s possible to remotely self-manage your vacation rental and save the commission you’d otherwise pay a (usually) sub-optimal property manager. If your Airbnb rents for $150 per night, that’s yearly savings of $5,748.

I manage Airbnbs fully remote and while traveling the world, in different time zones. Learn my method alongside a small community of other hosts by joining today.


What if you could 4x your revenue?

That’s what I did on my last STR investment though a combination of vacation rental market research, hospitality concepts like Surprise + Delight, and mastering pricing strategies. By joining my program, you’ll get access to me, every week via a 90-minute live video call where you’ll able to ask questions in real-time. You’ll also get access to the private forum where you’ll be able to engage with me and the community of like-minded STR operators.

A key aspect of my philosophy is to remove yourself with automation whenever you’re not directly adding value to the guest experience. This results in an increase in guest experience (ie better reviews) while decreasing your host involvement (ie higher return on your time and money). I find that hosts overwork themselves by not understand the Reservation Flow (key concept covered in the program) and other key concepts.

Outearn your competition and be that host in your market that everyone else follows by joining my program.


With my program, you’ll also gain access to:

  • effective book direct strategies
  • worldwide vacation rental market analysis
  • special topic speakers like interior design
  • private help by me, when needed


Don’t take it from me

“Just throwing this out there…I have had immediate success with the pricing strategy! I determined my BLT (booking lead time) and percent bookings within that window for all of my properties. However, the one that benefitted the most was my Moab unit. My BLT is about 50 days and within that time frame as of Tuesday I was booked only 13%. I adjusted my base rate and within less than 48 hours I had 2 inquiries and 11 new bookings! Now I am booked at 50%. Whoa!”

Kristin, Forum Comment

Program Outline:


Course Introduction

  • Foundation concepts/terminology
  • Strategic objectives
  • Setting expectations! (key theme)

    Your Online Presence

    • Photoshoot, layout, & captions
    • Optimize your title
    • Text that converts
    • Taking your own photos

    Your Offline Hospitality

    • Message automation strategy for more reviews
    • Digital Guidebook
    • Surprise + Delight

    Private Videos

    All strategy videos will be posted via the program so that Airbnb no longer removes my most powerful platform hacks!


    Private Forum

    Immediate and ongoing access to the private forum where you interact with me and the community of like-minded STR hosts.

    Click for a preview of the forum.


    Market Analysis

    Immediate and ongoing access to my vacation rental market analysis. This is the same research I did to achieve 3x higher return than industry standard with a 94% occupancy. Success starts here, and now you have access.

    Pricing Strategy

    • Master my 2-step system
    • KNOW how to price your listing (no more guessing and doubt)
    • Including customization best-practices

    Bad Guests

    • How to spot, avoid, and deal with them
    • Negative review removal strategy (ongoing forum thread documenting success from the community)


    • Book direct strategy
    • Weekly live sessions with me (prior weeks are uploaded)
    • Updates to Profitable Properties book content
    • Guest speakers, by demand
    • Access to private tools
    • Both books in PDF
    • Guest Message Templates
    • Amenities Checklist
    • Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist
    • VR Mgmt Contract Template
    • Featured Product Discounts

    Already read my books or paid for my services?

    Are you already familiar with my strategies and wondering what additional benefits come with my program? Not only will you learn powerful, secret strategies, you will also get the most up-to-date optimization techniques directly with me and 50+ other hosts.

    Additionally, the program gives you access to the following:

    • Private, active community forum
    • Private strategy videos (no longer released to the public on YouTube)
    • Ongoing guest speakers (no need to pay other experts, I’ll get them to speak to us)
    • Access to my global vacation rental market analysis
    • Lifetime access (subscription added soon)
    • Program participant only product discounts
    • Up-to-date thread on negative review removal techniques

    “I have been into Digital Marketing for the last 13 years. Recently purchased a few apartments in Goa, India which I intend to list on Airbnb. Since I am new in this field, I need to learn A to Z about how Airbnb & vacation rentals function and I believe you are the best teacher for this task.

    Shashank Gupta, India

    Let me help you get results.

    Although you may have already heard of me via my book, social media, or an interview, I’m no mega-influencer too busy to actually help you. This is a sales page. I’m not a salesman. Ultimately, I’m not here to convince or entertain you. I’m here to educate you. It’s up to you now. If you have questions or doubts, please reach out via the chat (lower-right golden circle) or click here.

    Don’t miss out on the only program designed to make you the expert. Join today for lifetime access (I will be adding a subscription soon).


    Three payment options:

    Lifetime Access



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    Former Airbnb employee

    Best-selling author

    Airbnb Superhost

    2000+ nights in Airbnbs

    1000+ optimized listings

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