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Elevate Host: the 1-hour host system for short-term rentals

If you’ve considered hiring an Airbnb property manager for your short-term rental property – think again! Not only do Airbnb property managers take 15-40% of booking revenue, they’re often responsible for unhappy guests and negative reviews (which costs you even more money).

As a former Airbnb employee, current Airbnb owner and Superhost and full-time Airbnb guest with over 2,000 nights under my belt, I know it takes to be build and maintain a profitable property.

Better yet, with my approach to automation you’ll be managing your short-term rental property in 1-hour per week.

With the Elevate Host Management System, you’ll streamline your hosting, stand out in search, and achieve the occupancy you want.

  • Super Host Listing Optimization
  • Digital House Manual
  • Exclusive ‘Surprise + Delight’ Feature
  • Social Media Promo Special Offer
  • ‘Optimize YOUR Bnb’ PDF
  • ‘Profitable Properties’ PDF
  • Video Consultation with Danny
  • My Message Automation System
  • Dynamic Pricing Review or Setup

Inquire for discount on 2+ listings


Don’t take it from me

“I have a Swiss Hotel Management degree and have stayed in over 40 Airbnbs. I listed my first STR a few months ago. It has been out performing all similar properties in my market since I started, but now I am heading into my first slow season and my occupancy rates dropped significantly. I followed several of Daniel’s recommendations and my slowest month now has 22 nights booked. Super happy with the new knowledge to make my rental be even more successful.”

Maile Roundtree, Instagram

“What you did worked, LIKE REALLY, REALLY WORKED!!!!!!”

Melissa Meredith, STR Host; Bowral, Australia

Airbnb property management done right

The Elevate Host System allows you to manage a booked out short-term rental property in just 1-hour per week. Don’t outsource to a lackluster Airbnb property manager or spend hours each day managing your property.

Let a prior Airbnb insider teach you how to get more bookings, filter guests, and maximize profit from your short-term rental property.

Elevate Host by OptimizeMyAirbnb

↳ Check out my best-selling book for Airbnb hosts on Amazon ➝ https://amzn.to/3ZYiAei Not yet an Airbnb host? Click this link and I'll be your ambassador: https://www.airbnb.com/r/drusteen _ I bring to you Elevate Host by Optimizemybnb ! Here is a very brief video overview of what Elevate Host is.

Airbnb listings optimized



Here is what’s included:

Super Host Listing Optimization

The ultimate package for maximizing your Airbnb listing’s visibility and effectiveness in attracting reservations.

With this premium listing optimization, you’ll see an improvement in your ranking on Airbnb’s search results, receive a report with all your original settings, text, and photos, plus additional insight for ongoing improvement.

(Retail $700)

Full Package inclusions

Fully custom Super Host Listing Optimization Report + recommendations implemented by Danny + priority email/chat support

  • Custom Airbnb title
  • All text revised for conversion
  • Custom photo layout + captions
  • Review photo
  • Airbnb guidebook creation
  • Custom pricing and occupancy strategy
  • All settings optimized
  • Optimized/completed profile
  • Dynamic pricing tool recommendation
  • Powerful strategy to increase listing views + wishlist saves
  • 150 wishlist saves included ($300 value!)
  • Powerful review feedback tips
  • 3 review responses
  • Expert Airbnb hosting tips and resources
  • Facebook group access
  • $450+ in partner discounts
  • Recommended blog posts
  • Top 3 add-on ‘biggest bang for the buck’ product recommendations

Note: There is a limit of 50 photos and 500 words that will be reviewed.


    Digital House Manual

    A digital guidebook is a game-changer for hosts – less than 3% create one, but it can save you so much time and improve guest satisfaction by having all the answers in one place. My strategy for what to include and when to present it to your guest is highly effective in eliminating common and basic questions like ‘what’s the WIFI password’ and ‘how do I get Netflix on the TV?’ to achieve are goals of near-passivity.

    (Retail $125)


    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Surprise + Delight’ Feature

    The “Surprise + Delight” feature of your Airbnb sets you apart from the competition and adds extra enjoyment for your guests. It gives the guest something more to write about in their review.

    It’s something special they discover upon arrival and throughout their stay but isn’t advertised beforehand. It could be something simple or thoughtful. I’ll share my most powerful S+D feature.. It’s your secret competitive advantage.

    (Retail priceless)

    Social Media Promotion Special Offer

    This offer lets you promote your Airbnb on the OptimizeMyBnb social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with a 20% discount on regular prices.

    (Retail $180)


    ‘Optimize YOUR Bnb’ eBook

    This e-book contains top strategic advice for Airbnb entrepreneurs and hosts.

    (Retail $15)


    Video Consultation with Danny

    This 45-minute video consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your hosting business with me directly and get direct, actionable, expert advice.

    (Retail $200)


    Message Automation

    My messaging automation incorporates principles of persuasion to achieve our goals of automation by presenting the guest relevant information at the right time and encouraging more guests to leave 5-star reviews.

    (Retail $95)

    Dynamic Pricing

    Depending on your situation and location, I will connect you to a dynamic pricing tool for year-round occupancy with maximum prices. My strategy is a major reason how I was able to 4x the revenue from my short-term rental investment.

    (Retail $100)

    Cleaning Crew Guidelines

    It’s not just about the guest experience; we also want to make sure your property is well-maintained and running smoothly. That’s why I offer cleaning crew guidelines and a quick response team tip sheet to ensure you’re prepared for any emergencies that may arise. You will soon realize that your cleaner is your secret weapon and a key competitive advantage.

    (Retail $60)

    Quick Response Team Tip Sheet

    This tip sheet helps you prepare for emergencies at your short-term rental and gives you a list of reliable, local people to call in case something goes wrong.

    (Retail $45)

    Amenities Checklist

    Whether you’re a new or experience vacation rental host, my amenities checklist organized by both room and essentials versus non-essential amenity is a must have for high value ratings. Included are my linked click-to-buy amenity recommendations.

    (Retail $125)

    Get the Airbnb optimization you want

    Choose the Elevate Host System and get a reality check to ensure you’re offering the best value and exceeding your guests’ expectations. I’ll look at every part of your operation and optimize it all.

    With over 2,000 nights of experience as an Airbnb guest in 100+ cities, I can help you create a solid foundation and exceed your guests’ standards.

    Sign up today and claim your competitive advantage with the Elevate Host System!

     Discount available for 2+ listings

    Delivery: ~3-weeks (fast delivery available upon checkout)



    Why choose Optimize My Bnb?

    As a thought-leader in the short-term rental industry, I’ve helped many successful hosts and teachers with my bestseller “Optimize YOUR Bnb” in 2018. Since this time, I’ve optimized over 1,000 Airbnb listings and supported many more short-term rental owners maximize their investment.

    If you’re ready to save time, get more bookings and make more money; I’m your insider who will help you get there.

    Former Airbnb employee

    Best-selling author

    Airbnb Superhost

    2000+ nights in Airbnbs

    1000+ optimized listings

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