Before outsourcing your short-term rental hosting to a property manager, consider Elevate Host.

I’ll set you up on the same system that I use to manage all my properties remotely.

Full self-management system set-up. Manage your Airbnb in only 1-hour weekly

Automated guest messaging

Digital guidebook

Video call with me

Airbnb ‘property management’ done right

Years ago the idea HIT me and I realized that I was failing many hosts. That’s because Listing Optimizations, the only service I sold for many years, only dealt with the online aspect of your short-term rental.


But the offline aspect (ie the hospitality) was just as important and was neglected, as was dynamic pricing optimization.


No more. Elevate Host is designed to increase: your search rank, guest satisfaction and positive reviews, your revenue, and automation.

I followed several of Daniel’s recommendations and my slowest month now has 22 nights booked. Super happy with the new knowledge to make my rental be even more successful.

the 1-hour host system for short-term rentals

STOP! Before you pay a property manager 20% of your earnings, are you sure you can’t self-manage?


“They didn’t manage the listing. They are expensive. It was complete self service. No level of admin help.” That’s a real message I received from an unhappy host a month after hiring a property manager.


Did you know all the properties I manage are done fully remote? Let’s be clear: you need one local person, and that can be your cleaner who is a natural property manager. If we have that, things are easy.

With Elevate Host, you’ll also gain access to:

Super Host Listing Optimization

‘Profitable Properties’ PDF

Featured Product Discounts

‘Optimize YOUR Bnb’ PDF




  • Super Host Listing Optimization

    Designed to both maximize your Airbnb listing’s visibility in search results and attractiveness to your FPG (Future Potential Guest) resulting in a higher conversion rate which then results in a full calendar, higher nightly rate, and even higher placement in search (the circle of life, baby!) retail $700

    A digital guidebook is a game-changer for hosts yet less than 3% create one. I will create one for you and implement it into your message automation so it’s plug-and-play. It is designed to increase guest satisfaction by answering all of their common questions while decreasing your workload. retail $125
  • EXCLUSIVE: ‘Surprise + Delight’ Feature

    The “Surprise + Delight” feature of your Airbnb sets you apart from your competition and adds extra enjoyment for your guests. It gives the guest something more to write about in their review (length of review is correlated with search rank).

    It’s something special they discover upon arrival (a cool amenity, welcome gift, etc.) or throughout their stay (maybe that sunset that doesn’t show well in photos) but isn’t advertised beforehand. It could be something simple or thoughtful. It’s your secret competitive advantage. retail priceless
  • Social Media Promotion Special Offer

    This offer lets you promote your Airbnb on the OptimizeMyBnb social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with a 20% discount on regular prices. retail $180
  • Video Consultation with Danny

    Let’s talk at the end to clear up any doubts and explain how your new self-management system works. retail $200
  • 'profitable properties' and 'Optimize YOUR Bnb' eBooks

    This e-book contains top strategic advice for Airbnb entrepreneurs and hosts. You’ll also receive a copy of my new book “Profitable Properties”. retail $21

    I will connect you to dynamic pricing and optimize your strategy. I will also teach you my simple 2-step strategy to knowing how to price your listing forever. I 4x’d the revenue from my short-term rental investment from the last owner. retail $175

    There is an art and science to messages. Both what you include and when you send makes a big difference. Unfortunately, most hosts get this wrong. Every guest follows a similar Reservation Flow and I will optimize it on your behalf. My message automation system will lead to more 5-star reviews due to the use of persuasion principles. retail $95
  • Quick Response Team Tip Sheet

    This tip sheet helps you prepare in advance for potential emergencies at your short-term rental. It lists the common service providers you will need to connect with. retail $45
  • Cleaning Crew Guidelines

    You’re not telling the cleaner how to do their job. Instead, you’re giving the cleaner the tools to be the expert and take full control over that important job, thus freeing up more of your time. You will realize that your cleaner is your secret weapon and another key competitive advantage. retail $60

    This is the most complete amenities checklist on the web because not only am I a property manager, but also a host, and I’ve lived in Airbnbs since 2017 around the world. Organized by both room and essentials versus non-essential amenities. You’ll receive both versions: luxury and standard. retail $125


What you did worked, LIKE REALLY, REALLY WORKED!

Get the Airbnb optimization your competition wish they knew about.

All problems on Airbnb fall into one of three categories: search rank, hospitality, and pricing.

Choose the Elevate Host System solves all three problems. This is custom and extremely specific to your listing. I’ll look at every part of your operation and optimize it all.

Sign up today and claim your competitive advantage with the Elevate Host System!

Premium Service

Elevate host

One Payment


Fast delivery


available for 2+ listings


~3-weeks (fast delivery available upon checkout)



Getting FPGs to notice, click, and book your listing is key.


Your rating heavily affects your rank. A 4.80 is no longer sufficient.


I teach a simple, 2-step strategy that sets your prices based on your future occupancy.


I live in Airbnbs

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