Guest Post Policy

Thank you for considering OptimizeMyBnb.com for a guest post. We are lucky enough to get such a high volume guest post requests that it’s flattering but time consuming. Thus, the need for this policy.

Guest Post Policy

  • We accept guest posts and evaluate them on a case by case basis.
  • If we think it’s fun to read, well written, relevant to our readership, contains useful information and is not something we have already covered in detail we publish it.
  • It must be unique meaning, not published in whole or part on other websites.
  • We will not approve your idea and we will not help you decide what to write about.
  • You should include at least two non-copyrighted photos, one for the cover photo and one for the body
    • Minimum resolution: 600×600
    • Send to me in a separate file and indicate where to insert each into the article
  • Whenever possible, add relevant links to existing articles on my blog
  • You should indicate what keyword or phrase you are targeting for SEO
    • Add it to the title, to one header, and 2-4x per 500 words
  • Email us the complete article with the email subject starting with ‘Banana Pancakes’ and we will evaluate it.


Anything that gets published can have one link back to the author’s site if desired and contributors can publish under first names, full names, or pseudonyms at their discretion.

To increase the probability of getting your guest post into our blog, it’s a good idea to read our current blog and follow a similar style of no-bs, chalked full of useful and actionable advice in the fewest words possible.

Do You Want To Become A Regular Contributor?

If you want to become a regular writer we’re interested in that too. Either way, send your submissions to danny@optimizemyairbnb.com. Don’t email us and ask if you can guest post. If you meet the criteria above you can. Please do not follow up. If you do not hear from me, it means that the submitted post did not fall within the above criterion.

Do We Accept Paid Posts?

The minimum cost for a paid promotional post is $500.


Thank you for offering OptimizeMyBnb.com the opportunity to publish your high-quality, unique Airbnb-related article.

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