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I see you – trying to get more short-term rental bookings. Checking your stats. Researching your competition. But never truly knowing if what you’re doing is working. I know because that was once me and since then have made it my life’s work to get you more Airbnb bookings and to beat the search algorithm. And I’ve gotten very, very good at just that.

Literally, I live in Airbnb’s all around the world! Since 2013, from Morocco to Mexico, I’ve been there, done that, and it’s safe to say I know what it takes to make a short-term rental unforgettable with consistently high occupancy rates. Which equals more money in your pocket.

“Hi! I’m Danny Rusteen, and I live and breathe STRs.”

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It's about creating unforgettable experiences
It's about creating unforgettable experiences

As a former Airbnb employee and a proud owner of my own Airbnb in Medellin, The Belmonte Penthouse, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to get those bookings rolling in. Let's face it, we all want to be a "booked full" Airbnb, right?

But it's not just about getting more Airbnb bookings for me, it's about creating unforgettable experiences for guests and automation for hosts. That's why I'm here to share all my insider tips and tricks with you, so you too can achieve consistently high occupancy rates and have your guests raving about their stay.

From my time at Airbnb HQ, I know how to use the illusive Airbnb algorithm to our advantage and have mastered the art of getting listings to the top of their game.


So why do I do this?

I see the passion short-term rental hosts have for their properties. And I see them losing time, guests and money to unoptimized property listings, unreliable property managers and a lack of automation in their business. My proven system solves all of these problems (and more).

I also believe in continuous improvement; creating better processes and systems to create more time for the things that matter most.

So, if you're ready to take your Airbnb game to the next level and start having some fun along the way, then let's do this thing!

I'm ready when you are.


Things I stand for

Striving to be the best

I’m constantly thinking of ways to make Airbnb hosting easier and more profitable.

Creating more time for better things

By leveraging tried-and-true tools, we create better processes that allow more time for better things. I am constantly testing the newest tools.

Creating better experiences

I believe in creating better experiences for guests and hosts. It’s my competitive advantage, and it will be yours, too.

What hosts are saying about Danny..

“Danny is an expert in the vacation rental business. His ideas helped me get more bookings and more inquiries. Thanks Daniel!“

Charles, Airbnb Host

“I had a disparity between my listings. An Airbnb agent basically said it was complicated and she didn’t exactly know why, but that the listing you optimized appeared easier to read, was more approachable, and ranked higher as a result.”

Tyler, Denver

“I have seen a difference already, it’s only been a month! Danny really knows all the little things that make a world of difference.”

Amanda, Canada

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With my help, you can make your listing stand out and and optimize the way you are managing your Airbnb or short term rental hosting. Check out my FAQ if you have any questions.


Former Airbnb employee

Best-selling author

Airbnb Superhost

2000+ nights in Airbnbs

1000+ optimized listings

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