Marketing / SEO Expert

I want to spread my information far and wide. If you’re a quality, white-hat SEO company, reach out to me with a proposal including investment costs and expected results.

My top four markets, historically, are:

  1. United States (40%)
  2. Canada (7%)
  3. United Kingdom (7%)
  4. Australia (5%)

I use ActiveCampaign for my emails.

Video Editor

I publish YouTube videos every 5-7 days. I record them with my Google Pixel 4 and a separate microphone. I edit within iMovie on my computer.

Take a look at my OptimizeMyBnb YouTube channel and if you think you can do a better job, please send me a quote with investment cost, turnaround time, etc.

Content Writer

I run the most informative blog for Airbnb hosts. My writing style is no fluff. The visitor is busy and I respect their time. I have a very deep understanding of how Airbnb works from the inside, out, from the guests perspective, from the Airbnb employee perspective, from the Airbnb property manager perspective.

As this is a highly-specialized skill the only way to receive a job offer is to submit me one piece of content, fully edited. Please review my existing blog posts. If I publish it, I will pay you and hire you for future blog posts.

Payment is negotiable and will be highly competitive.

Graphic Designer

Just like Airbnb, I take design seriously. Everything on my website and YouTube is consciously designed.

I am looking for a graphic designer to help me with cover photos for both my blog and YouTube, Instagram posts, and any other needs.

Website Developer

I like to keep my website up-to-date on developments within the industry. My website is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool. I am constantly making updates to pages, blog posts, usability, etc.

I am looking for a website developer on a part-time, as-needed basis to help me with small and large website updates. I use WordPress, Startlogic, and Siteground.

Additionally, I have numerous tools connected to my website.

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