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From optimizing your Airbnb listing, to full host management review and optimization, to my premium program and my books; let’s optimize your Airbnb and make you more money.


How can I help you optimize your Airbnb or short-term rental?

Let me optimize your:

Airbnb listing


Optimized Airbnb Listing


Be seen by more Future Potential Guests (FPGs). Let me search engine optimize (SEO) your Airbnb listing to appear more frequently in searches and increase your booking conversion rate.

  • Appear at the top of Airbnb search results,
  • Increase the number of conversions, and
  • Be the obvious first choice for your dream guests.

Let me optimize your:

Airbnb management


Optimized Host


Thinking of outsourcing your short-term rental hosting to a property manager (and sending them a 20% commission every month?). Think again.

Did you know that more than half of owners using a property manager are unsatisfied with the service provided? Short-term rental hosting can be time consuming and soul sucking – if done the regular way. But, with my efficiency system that I use for my own Airbnb property and for all my full-time property managed clients, you will:

  • Reduce your hosting workload down to 1 hour per week for a booked-out Airbnb property when I setup my automations, systems and procedures customized for your Airbnb listing
  • Avoid damaging negative reviews due to lacklustre property managers (and learn how to minimize the fallout from guests who simply can’t be pleased)
  • Receive all inclusions from the best-selling “Super Host Airbnb Listing Optimization”

Learn how to:

Optimize your entire short-term-rental business


Optimized Business Program


Want to know the exact formula I used to 4 x my Airbnb’s income? And what I’m doing as an Airbnb insider to keep maximizing profitability? My 8-week Optimize Your Business program for short-term rental hosts shares everything you need to know about running a successful business now and in the future.

  • Learn how to optimize your Airbnb listing to be seen by more potential guests
  • The A-Z of running a successful and profitable business using your short-term rental property
  • How to delight guests (and minimize the damage from those that can never be satisfied)

My book:

Profitable Properties


You don’t need 100 rental properties for short-term rental success. Profitable Properties (ProPro) is about doing more with less. It’s about maximizing the ROI from each real estate investment.

Written by a prior Airbnb employee, Superhost, guest of 2,000+ nights on Airbnb, and author of best-seller “Optimize YOUR Bnb”, ProPro is an all-in-one guide for new and existing short-term rental owners and real estate investors.

Add-on / Single Services:

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I offer additional services and products to make your Airbnb operation a success. Find the service you are interested in and let’s get started.

Let's optimize your Airbnb and make you more money

It’s time to create the ultimate hosting experience for both you and your Airbnb or short term rental guests. Any questions?


Don’t take it from me

“I have been doing Airbnb a long time, have consider my success to already have been substantial. Daniel blew me away with his tips, tricks, additions, insights, and advice.”

Chris, Los Angeles

“As a property manager in Colorado, I take my listings very seriously and Danny is the best in the business when it comes to Airbnb knowledge.”

Tyler, Denver

“I have seen a difference already, it’s only been a month! Danny really knows all the little things that make a world of difference.”

Amanda, Canada

“The listing changed so radically that I didn’t recognize it!”

Rich, Airbnb Host

Why choose Optimize My Bnb?

As a thought-leader in the short-term rental industry, I’ve helped many successful hosts and teachers with my bestseller “Optimize YOUR Bnb” in 2018. Since this time, I’ve optimized over 1,000 Airbnb listings and supported many more short-term rental owners maximize their investment.

If you’re ready to save time, get more bookings and make more money; I’m your insider who will help you get there.

Former Airbnb employee

Best-selling author

Airbnb Superhost

2000+ nights in Airbnbs

1000+ optimized listings