Why is My Airbnb Listing Not Showing Up? Solutions and Tips

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Finding Your Airbnb Listing When You Search Airbnb

Are you an Airbnb host who’s ever experienced the frustration of “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” on the platform? If you’ve navigated the map, refined your searches, and still come up empty-handed, you’re not alone. Many hosts commonly face this challenge, leading to concerns about visibility and lost booking opportunities.

In this in-depth guide, we look into the complicated ways that Airbnb searches work. We will find out the answer to “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” when you search on Airbnb.

Often, the issue isn’t with Airbnb’s system but with hosts. These hosts probably didn’t follow through or didn’t understand what they were supposed to do. Working with thousands of hosts has taught us that user error is typically the cause of a missing Airbnb listing.

This post will help you find your missing Airbnb listing and provide tips on how to make sure your property appears in searches exactly when you want it to or NOT appear when you want it to be hidden.

We’ll guide you through common mistakes, offer expert advice, and demonstrate how to improve your Airbnb host listing’s visibility step by step.

Ready to take your Airbnb hosting to the next level and make your listing shine in a competitive marketplace?  Let’s dive in and find out what causes your Airbnb listing to go missing when you search Airbnb.

Ensuring Your Listing is Live on Airbnb

Wondering “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The first and most important thing is to make sure that your property is live and visible to people. The steps are easy to follow, but you need to pay close attention to the details. Here’s how to make sure that your Airbnb host listing is still live and visible when people search Airbnb:

1: Log into Airbnb and go to the Listings tab

  • Begin by logging into your Airbnb account. Go to the “Listings” tab, which is where you can manage your properties.
  • When you get there, you should make sure that the status of your listing is set to “live.” This status indicates that your property is active on the platform and is accessible to visitors.

2: Use the ‘Preview Listing’ Feature

  • Locate and click on the ‘Preview Listing’ option for your property. This action will open a new tab showing how your listing appears to viewers.
  • Keep in mind that this might not accurately show what an outside user sees since you’re logged in.

Screenshot of Airbnb's Manage Your Space interface showing listing features and tasks

3: Verify in Incognito Mode Using Chrome

  • To get a more accurate view, copy the URL of your listing from the preview.
  • Open an incognito window in your Chrome browser. You can do this by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right corner and selecting ‘New incognito window’.
  • Paste the copied URL into this window and press enter. If your listing appears as expected, it confirms that it’s live and visible on the Airbnb map for any user.

4: Cross-Check Using Safari

  • To further ensure that your listing is universally accessible, repeat the process using a different browser, such as Safari.
  • In Safari, click on ‘File’ and then select ‘New Private Window’ for a similar incognito experience.
  • Paste the listing URL and check if it appears. If it does, this means that your listing is live for anyone searching on Airbnb, regardless of the browser they use.

Tackling Common Issues in the ‘To Do’ Column

Your account’s “To Do” column is an important part of managing your Airbnb listing, especially when you’re wondering, “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?”

This dashboard-like section shows you the most important things you need to do to keep or improve your host listing’s visibility and functionality.

If you don’t pay attention to this column, your property might not show up in search results. This will greatly reduce your chances of getting booked.

When you go to your list of listings, a colored button that indicates the status of your listing should be the first thing you look at. The button should be green, which means that your Airbnb listing is active and can be seen. But if you have tasks in the “To Do” column, like “Relist” or “Add Tax Information,” address them immediately. Even if your Airbnb listing is live, an unfinished “To Do” item can make it disappear from Airbnb’s map.

Screenshot showing Airbnb property listings with descriptions, guest capacity, review scores, and locations, along with management options for the host.

There are other things to think about even if your “To Do” column is empty. For example, your market may have rules about how many days or nights a property can be on the market. After this number of views, your host listing may still be live, but it won’t show up in search results.

Your review status is another important thing to keep an eye on. If you get bad reviews, Airbnb may put your listing on temporary hold. During this time, your listing may not show up on the map, even though it is still live. This makes it much less visible.

In cases of probation or reaching maximum booking nights, it’s important to deal with the problems that are causing them. This could mean making changes to your property, making the stay of your guests better, or changing how you list your property so that it fits with Airbnb’s rules and what the market expects.

For a comprehensive guide on how to create or update your listing effectively, watch the video “How To Make A New Airbnb Listing In 2023 – BEST PRACTICES.” This resource offers up-to-date practices and tips to optimize your listing. It ensures that your Airbnb listing not only meets Airbnb’s standards but also stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Accurate Map Placement of Your Listing

Making sure that your Airbnb listing is easy to find includes making sure that your map placement is correct. Often overlooked, this step is a common error for hosts who wonder, “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?”

Your listing’s visibility depends a lot on where it is on the map, since guests often look for properties based on the area they want to stay in.

Guests rely on the map marker in your host listing’s settings to find your property when they search on Airbnb. Incorrect placement might hide your host listing when people search Airbnb for its exact location, significantly reducing visibility and potential bookings.

Remember that guests use the map to find places to stay in the areas they want to visit. If your host listing appears elsewhere, it won’t show up in their search results, leading you to mistakenly believe there’s an issue with your host listing.

To ensure your map marker is accurately placed:

  1. Log into your Airbnb host account and go to the ‘Settings’ section.
  2. Click on the ‘Listing Details’ tab and scroll down to the map section.
  3. Verify that the map marker represents your property’s exact location. If it’s misplaced, your listing might be visible in the wrong area, confusing potential guests and reducing your booking chances.

Airbnb's map location options for a property

Unfortunately, you cannot directly edit the map marker’s placement through the Airbnb platform. If you find that your listing is showing in an incorrect location, you’ll need to contact Airbnb for assistance. This process can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s necessary to make sure that your listing is shown correctly.

Reaching out to Airbnb for help with adjusting your map placement is straightforward but requires patience. I’ve put together a complete guide to make this process easier. Watch my “How To Contact Airbnb” video for a detailed guide on reaching out, with tips to reduce wait times and speed up the process. It includes step-by-step instructions, the best times and numbers to call, specific buttons to press for quicker service, and communication tips to shorten your wait.

Searching for Your Listing: City-Based Approach

When it comes to addressing the concern of “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” the approach you take in searching is important. A common mistake many hosts make is diving too deep or too fast. Instead, a broader, more strategic approach usually leads to better results.

Start Broad: Focus on the City

Begin your search by simply typing your city’s name into Airbnb’s search bar. This is your starting point. From here, resist the urge to add specific filters or dates. Why? Because you want to see how your listing appears in the most general search scenario – just as a potential guest might start their search.

Once you’ve confirmed your listing appears in the city-wide search, you can start narrowing down your search. You can do this by physically zooming in on the Airbnb map to the area where your property is located. Add specific criteria gradually to test your listing under various search conditions and make necessary changes.

Check Dates, Minimum Stays, and Instant Book

Check your settings carefully if you’re wondering, “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?”. Pay special attention to the dates, minimum stays, and Instant Book feature to ensure your listing appears in search results. These parts are very important for how your listing is shown and how potential guests search Airbnb to find it.

Ensuring Calendar Availability Aligns with Searched Dates

  • To verify that your Airbnb listing is available for the dates potential guests might search Airbnb, go to your listing and click on “View Calendar” in the top right corner. This will show you whether those specific dates are available.
  • Initially, avoid selecting dates when searching for your own listing. This is a common error source. If any of the dates you choose are already booked or blocked in your calendar, your listing won’t show up in the search results. For example, if you click on the dates 16th to 18th and the 18th is already booked, your listing will be excluded from these search results. This can give the false impression that your listing isn’t visible when, in fact, it’s just not available for those specific dates.

Airbnb's host interface focusing on the 'View Calendar' button.

Adjusting Advanced Notice and Minimum Stay Requirements

  • Another key setting is the ‘advanced notice’ requirement. For example, if you require guests to inform you at least one day in advance before booking, selecting ‘today’ in your search won’t display your listing. Adjust this setting in the ‘Availability’ section of your listing details.
  • The minimum-stay requirement is also crucial. If your listing has a two-night minimum stay, but you search Airbnb for just one night, your listing won’t show up. Similarly, if your minimum stay is three nights and you search Airbnb for two, the listing will not appear. Always keep these settings in mind when checking your listing’s visibility.

Airbnb's host interface for editing reservation preferences, including advance notice and preparation time settings.

Impact of the Instant Book Feature on Visibility

  • The Instant Book feature can significantly impact your listing’s visibility. Listings that have Instant Book turned on tend to show up higher in searches because they make the booking process faster and easier for guests.
  • You might want to turn on Instant Book because it can make your listing more appealing and visible. But be aware of the extra work it might require, like making sure your calendar is always up-to-date to avoid double bookings.

By carefully managing these settings, you can greatly enhance the likelihood of your listing appearing in relevant searches, making it easier for guests to find and book your space.

Filtering and Pricing Strategies

If you’re wondering, “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” once you’ve confirmed your listing is active on Airbnb, it’s time to understand how filtering and pricing strategies can affect your listing’s visibility.

This section will guide you through utilizing Airbnb’s filter settings effectively and discuss the significant role of pricing in search visibility.

Utilizing Filter Settings

Airbnb offers a variety of filter options that potential guests can use to narrow down their search results. As a host, it’s essential to know how these filters might affect the visibility of your listing:

  • Type of Place: Ensure your listing accurately reflects the type of accommodation you offer. For instance, if you have an entire place for rent, select ‘Entire Place’ in your settings. This ensures your listing appears when guests filter and search Airbnb for this specific type of accommodation.
  • Cancellation Flexibility: Airbnb allows guests to filter listings based on cancellation policies, such as flexible, moderate, or strict. It’s interesting to note that some hosts see their listings show up no matter what cancellation policy is chosen. This might be something that needs more research, and hosts are welcome to share their thoughts or ask Airbnb to clarify this when guests search Airbnb.
  • Guest Capacity and Bedrooms: Accurately specifying the maximum number of guests your property can accommodate and the number of bedrooms is important. Incorrect information in these fields can lead to your listing not showing up for guests who filter and search Airbnb based on these criteria.

Understanding the Role of Pricing

Pricing is a critical factor in Airbnb’s search algorithm. Here’s an essential rule to remember:

  • Lowest Price in the Next 28 Days: Airbnb now shows the lowest price for your listing within the upcoming 28 days to guests who search Airbnb without specific dates. This change emphasizes the importance of your pricing strategy over the next month.
    • If your listing’s price is not competitive within this time frame, it may not appeal to guests who are price-sensitive or those who search Airbnb without specific dates in mind.
    • Regularly updating your pricing to reflect demand, special events, or low-season discounts can make your listing more attractive in searches.

Strategically use Airbnb’s filtering options and pricing rules to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your host listing to potential guests when they search Airbnb. Remember, the key is to align your listing’s features and pricing with guest preferences and market trends.

Next Steps and Additional Resources

As you learn more about Airbnb hosting, it’s important to keep up with the latest tips and tricks. To help you along the way even more, I really think you should check out our “Airbnb Quick Tips Playlist.” This YouTube playlist, which is kind of like a free online course, is full of useful information and tips that you can use right away.

Each video in this playlist is about five minutes long and goes into detail about a certain subject, giving clear but in-depth advice. Choose from over 40 videos, each offering answers and new ideas on various topics. Learn to write catchy titles, make effective cancellation policies, set up automated text messages, and create digital guides. These quick tips cover almost every aspect of Airbnb hosting, from how to set prices to how to make the most of your calendar.

The videos don’t have to be watched in a certain order. You are welcome to jump around based on what you need or what interests you. If you want to learn even more, many of these videos will lead you to relevant blog posts where you can do so.

When you become an Airbnb host, you are always learning new things. If you’re wondering, “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” these resources will help you along the way.  If you use these tools, you can improve your hosting skills, make your listing more visible, and ultimately have more success on the platform.



In summary, ensuring your Airbnb listing is visible and attractive to potential guests involves careful management and strategic planning. Make sure your listing is live and correctly placed on the map. Also tweak settings like dates, minimum stays, and Instant Book to enhance visibility.

Remember, small adjustments can make a significant difference in how easily guests can search Airbnb and find your property.

I hope that this guide has helped you address the question of “Why is my Airbnb listing not showing up?” and provided you with valuable insights on how to host on Airbnb and make your listing stand out. If you liked these tips, please show your appreciation by leaving a comment. Also share this information with other hosts in your network, like in Facebook groups, which will help them and also help us grow.

As a final note, check out the video “Airbnb SEO: How Does An Airbnb Guest Find Your Listing In Airbnb Search“. This video is for those wanting to learn more about Airbnb SEO and understand precisely how guests find your listing in Airbnb searches. It will give you more ideas and tips on how to make the most of your listing’s potential.

Happy Hosting!


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