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How The Process Works

Step One: Choose The Optimization Report To Suit Your Needs


  • Customization

    Not Custom

  • Your Personal Time Commitment
    6 hours

    Your personal time commitment represents the amount of time you need to understand the information in the report and implement the suggestions. The reason for the time commitment is due to the amount of information you must sift through and the amount of time to impliment the changes.

  • Level Of Support

    7 days, email

  • Delivery & Implementation

    Self Implementation

    Immediate delivery (downloadable)


  • Customization

    Semi Custom

  • Your Personal Time Commitment
    3 hours

    Your personal time commitment represents the amount of time you need to understand the information in the report and implement the suggestions. The reason for the time commitment is due to the amount of information you must sift through and the amount of time to impliment the changes. This product has a shorter time commitment than the Start report because all non-relevant information is removed from the report and some items are done for you, for example, an optimized title.

  • Level Of Support

    30 days, email

  • Delivery & Implementation

    Self Implementation

    Delivered within 72 hours

Super Host

  • Customization

    Fully Custom

  • Your Personal Time Commitment
    1 hour

    Your personal time commitment represents the amount of time you need to understand the information in the report and implement the suggestions. The reason for the time commitment is due to the amount of information you must sift through and the amount of time to impliment the changes. This product has a shorter time commitment than the Advanced report because most items are implemented by Danny. Only highly sensitive areas are left for the host to change like pricing, instant book, availability, discounts, etc.

  • Level Of Support

    60 days, email + chat

    Listing Performance Monitoring (7 Days)

  • Delivery & Implementation

    Implementation by Danny

    Delivered within 6 days

Don’t Forget To Get Your Additional Services

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  • airbnb listing floor plan

    Custom Floor Plan (hand-drawn)

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Step Two: Starting The “Super Host” Process

Immediately after your purchase, you will receive an email from titled "Your Order". This email will include a request for one additional piece of information that I need to begin your optimization.

Step Three: Super Host Report Delivered & Implemented

With 6 days, the changes will be implemented directly into your Airbnb listing by Danny. You will receive a report with additional recommendations and your original text and photos. The monitoring service starts at this point.

Note: I may complete your optimization in phases, it is completed when you receive the report in your email.

Superhost Fact:

Did you know that being a Superhost on Airbnb does not give you any added search rank boost?

There are many Superhosts towards the top of search because, well, they're super hosts delivering excellent service to their guests and making Airbnb plenty of money.

Danny is really helpful, quick to respond and has great ideas and insight into how Airbnb works. Any host who wants to fully optimise their listing should definitely consult with Danny. Highly recommend.

Linda (Edinburgh, UK)

Super Host Optimization

Airbnb is a little overwhelming for a first time host and Danny has made the process easier.

Donna (North Carolina, USA)

Super Host Optimization


Photos are probably the single most important part of an Airbnb listing. This is why I start here. I'll review each photo, starting with the cover, to ensure the photos are "sellers". I look at photo size, clarity, "selling-power" and more.


The title of your Airbnb listing says a lot. Using words that grab the visitors attention is the first step to getting someone interested. A boring title will result in un-booked days... guaranteed! I'll give at least one catchy title to help improve your listing immediately.


This is often the most neglected part of a listing, but is one of the most important. People want to know who you are and what you are about. This is important for people when they are looking for the right basecamp for their getaway.


Just like the title, the summary is highly important too. Once the title grabs their attention, you've got to follow it up with a summary that highlights all the reasons why they should choose your Airbnb listing over others in the area.


Ever read a book that described a scene poorly? No good. The description of your Airbnb listing is the icing on the cake. It sets the scene for the visitors getaway. It better be awesome! (Included with full-service optimization only)


Did you know that photo captions are one of the most underutilized components of an Airbnb listing? These can mean the difference between a booked or vacant night. I'll show you how to craft captions that "sell" your photo (and listing).


A lot of Airbnb hosts fail to adjust their account settings to maximize results. Little things like extra person fees, discounts, and security deposits can make a huge difference. I'll give you the insider scoop on how to maximize the Airbnb settings for your benefit.


Reviews from guests say a lot about what you're doing right, and what can be improved. I'll look for trends and make recommendations based on what I see. Plus, I'll tell you how to handle a negative review.


I will review different factors, give you a specific pricing recommendation for the next 60 days, and provide a strategy to optimally price your listing in the future.


Besides telling you how to improve your listing for best results, I'll also share some secrets I've learned along the way for attracting the best and right type of guests, earning the most revenue, and earning a consistent 5-star guest review.


Once I send you your report, it doesn't stop there. I'll check back in to see how things are coming along and answer any questions you might have.


I've been doing this for a while, and work with people just like you all the time. This is why partners offer me awesome deals to extend to my clients. Get $255+ in discounts to Airbnb-related companies just for being a client. Sweet huh?

Which Service Is Right For You? Things To Consider:

I focus on getting your Airbnb listing to the top of search. It’s called Airbnb SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Depending on the package you purchase, I give you Airbnb specific suggestions for your listing (Basic), create a custom report based on your listing with specific suggestions (Advanced), or rework 100% of your listing and send you a custom report with additional info (Superhost). Additionally, you will find hosting tips in all the reports as this is a big factor in your search rank (ie reviews).

I also offer phone consultations, electronic guidebook creation, and other services.

My optimization is designed to increase your search rank. If I increase your search rank, you have a much higher probability of increasing your income. However, I cannot guarantee income. About 20% of purchasers do not see any reservations within 7 days (the measured time) after my optimization. Regardless, they still have a primed listing ready for the action and a report full of my valuable (in terms of money and time) tips and tricks that can be applied to a lifetime of Airbnb hosting.

95%+ of all Airbnb hosts will benefit from my report. However, if you’re unsure, send me your Airbnb url (ie and I’ll tell you if your money will be well spent. If not, I’ll mention a couple items of improvement or point you to a relevant blog post or two.

On average, you can expect 627% of your nightly rate within 7 days (as advertised). For example, if your nightly rate is $100 then you can expect to earn $627 in new bookings over the next week. This is true for 80% of hosts and is based on prior hosts who’ve ordered the Superhost package where I make the recommended changes and am able to track booking revenue. Some hosts earn 2,000%+ and others earn 0% (within 1 week). Many factors go into this including how many unbooked days are in the next month. No matter how much you earn, you will have a much clearer, attractive Airbnb listing.

Instead, I’ll tell you who this is not for. If you’re an Airbnb Superhost who has been hosting for 3+ years, has 300+ reviews, has many listings in multiple locations, and your income is 100% based on Airbnb, then chances are you’ve spent a bit of time perfecting the process as it’s your livelihood. You will not benefit as much from my service.

Make more from your Airbnb today!

Start your listing optimization or calculate your revenue first.

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