Profitable Properties: Airbnb Insider Secrets for Short-term Rentals

My second str book is rated even higher (4.8) than Optimize YOUR Airbnb

Simple, clear and a fun read. Even if you’ve been hosting for a while. I think there is some really important blocking and tackling covered in this book. You’ll easily make your money back about 1000x over. Thank you, Danny!

Kelly, Amazon Review

“Many thanks for your book – it answered EVERY question I had and made a huge difference in my success as a host.”

Abby, Superhost

“Still one of my trusted go to STR books of how I run my business. The beauty of this book is Danny provides the fundamental building blocks of what to. do and why to do it. After reading this book you will see the bigger picture of hosting on Airbnb.”


“Totally blown away by the value of this book! I feel like he could have chared $100+ for this “course” about doing all things right on Airbnb. Sooo many golden nuggets, tips and strategies. Things I would have never thought of.”

Laura, Amazon Review


Maximise your short term rental investment

You don’t need 100 rental properties for short-term rental success and financial freedom.

Profitable Properties (ProPro) is about maximizing the ROI from each real estate investment.

Other books stick to the basics to appeal to a wider audience, but not ProPro. I am intimately familiar with Airbnb and I know the real profits are in the details. So, I teach them. My promise: ProPro will make you a winner in your market, year after year. 

Buy a hard copy of Profitable Properties now at:

Written by an Airbnb authority

Hi, I’m Danny, a former Airbnb Employee, current Airbnb Superhost, property manager, and guest of more than 2,500 nights.

I’ve spent the past ten years honing my insider knowledge and experience into easily digestible strategies and actionable advice.

Profitable Properties is a complementary book to my 2018 best-seller Optimize YOUR Airbnb.



Airbnb listings optimized



You know you’re in good hands.

From optimizing your online listing for conversion, to using persuasion principles in messages, to effective pricing strategies, all topics are covered like you wouldn’t believe.

What you'll learn in this STR book

ProPro gives you the edge to outearn your competition for year-round occupancy:

  • Master pricing (and customizations) with the author’s 2-step strategy
  • Remotely manage your rentals with only 1 hour per week
  • Take better photos than professionals, on your own schedule with your smartphone
  • Why a departing gift is better than a welcome gift (and how to turn it into a revenue source)
  • Identify profitable markets, micro-markets (this makes everything else easy!)
  • Easy-to-implement interior design techniques and amenities with the biggest ROI
  • Ways to get bonus wishlist saves to increase your search rank
  • Increase demand with a direct booking website

The strategies in ProPro have been proven and tested by 1000’s of hosts in hundreds of markets and by basic rentals in third-world countries to 16-bedroom mansions in the Bahamas.


Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction
  1. Who Is This Book For?
  2. Structure Of The Book
  3. My Philosophy
  4. The Right Mindset
  5. The Reservation Flow
  6. My Overall Strategy Focus
  7. Views vs. Conversion vs. Rank
  8. The Rental Commandments
  9. Should You Become An STR Host?
  10. How To Get Started In STRs
Part 2: Vacation Rental Market Analysis
  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Identify A Market
  3. Step 2: Identify A Micro-Neighborhood
  4. Step 3: Identify A Property
  5. Step 4: Run The Numbers
  6. Alternate Method To Finding A Profitable STR
  7. A Note About Data and Data Tools
  8. 8 High ROI Investments For Your STR
Part 3: Build and Optimize Your Online Listing
  1. Why Airbnb Search Is NOT Static Like Google
  2. Knowing Your FPG
  3. Knowing Your Space
  4. How Does The FPG Actually Search?
  5. Photos
  6. Title
  7. Summary Text
  8. Other Text and House Rules
  9. Reviews: Why and How To Respond
  10. How To Remove A Negative Review
  11. Value Of Automated Listing Updates
  12. How To Re-Optimize Your Listing
Part 4: Your Offline Personality
  1. Setting Expectations
  2. How To Prepare For Your First Airbnb Guest
  3. How To Message Your Guest
  4. Digital Guidebook
  5. Cleaning Process
  6. Amenities
  7. Check-in/Out
  8. Surprise and Delight
  9. Do You Need an STR Property Manager?
  10. How To Choose A Good STR Property Management Company?
Part 5: Pricing
  1. Introduction
  2. Level 1: Base Price, Min Price, BLT
  3. Level 2: Customizations
  4. Weekly Occupancy Management
  5. Common Calendar Occupancies
Part 6: Direct Bookings
  1. Introduction
  2. The Argument Against Direct Bookings
  3. The Argument For Direct Bookings
  4. Website
  5. SEO
  6. Social Media
  7. YouTube
  8. Google Google Google
  9. Paid Advertising
  10. Leveraging OTAs
  11. Actually Getting Bookings
  12. Email and Text Marketing
Part 7: Bonus Content By Topic
  1. How can I identify a problem guest in advance?
  2. How to deal with problems guests and avoid bad reviews?
  3. How to write a negative review for my guest?
  4. When should I submit a claim for guest damage?
  5. Should I apply for Airbnb Plus?
  6. Should I make my space pet friendly?
  7. How can I connect with other rental owners in my area?
  8. Is Danny just the best?
  9. How hard will it be for me to return to a 4.90 if I have a 4.80?
  10. Do I need to communicate with my guest on Airbnb?
  11. Should I buy additional insurance?
  12. Does my hosting profile matter?
  13. Should I charge for extra guests?
  14. What is the best cancellation policy?
  15. How can I get more medium-term bookings?
  16. How the hell do I get in touch with Airbnb!?
  17. How do I get more reservations during slow season?
  18. Should I list on multiple vacation rental sites or OTAs?
  19. How much does interior design matter?
  20. Should I brand my rental?
  21. Help, I can’t find my listing!
  22. What is the new listing calendar strategy?
Part 8: How To Rank #1 On Airbnb In Order Of Importance
  1. Top 13 rank factors in order

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Why did Danny write Profitable Properties?

To give you the confidence to succeed in any market by understanding the STR industry and the Airbnb platform.

Who is Profitable Properties for?

Profitable Properties is written for interested, new, and experienced short-term rental hosts plus real-estate investors interested in the STR industry.

Where can I buy this STR book?

Everywhere including this website. Just below this section are links to five of the more popular options.

What will Profitable Properties do for me?

It will give you the strategies to troubleshoot any future problem and to profit maximize.

STR problems tend to fall into one of three categories: pricing, online optimization, or hospitality. ProPro makes you a pro in all three.

What is the different between Rusteen's two books: "Optimize YOUR Bnb" and "Profitable Properties"?

    “Optimize YOUR Bnb” was written for intermediate & advanced Airbnb hosts and only discussed strategies and tools available on that platform. If Airbnb.com is going to be the main focus of your rental, you may want to read it.

    “Profitable Properties” addresses all aspects of the short-term rental industry beginning with choosing a profitable market and property.

    I don't like reading. Can Danny optimize my listing?

    Yes. You can purchase an Airbnb Listing Optimization or Elevate Host, Danny’s most premium service. He’s also available for video consultations on a limited basis.

    Buy a hard copy of Profitable Properties now at:

    Reader reviews of the STR book

    “This book has an enormous amount of information and proven strategies to not only increase revenue, but make smart decisions in your next short term rental investments. The book is 400 pages, but it’s an easy read. The pricing chapter is worth 20 bucks on its own. It’s a must read in my opinion.”

    Eric D, Amazon Review

    “If you’re an Airbnb host or aspiring to become one, Profitable Properties is an invaluable resource that will revolutionize your approach to hosting. He’s the OG in the vacation rental bizz and gives all kinds of helpful tips to be a better host.”

    John Hildebrand, Amazon Review

    “Brilliant book. I follow Daniel on social media watch his videos have his first book etc and I never stop learning from him. He explains things really well and as a STR owner in her 3rd season of an ever changing tourism world – I am so glad I bought this to keep my head in the game and ahead of the pack. It’s ruthless out there and this kind of info just helps me to stay afloat let alone ahead of the pack! Keep doing what you’re doing! People like me get so much from your content – thank you!!”

    Jeremy, Amazon Review

    “Daniel’s Profitable Properties is a great guide with lots of tips and strategies to help optimize any listing. He gives templates of messages to be sent to guests, photos with examples, and QR codes with examples and freebies throughout the STR book. This book goes into specific detail on every aspect of hosting and can help anyone get to superhost status. Easy to read and immediately able to apply changes or optimization that is in the book to my listings. Definitely a must read!”

    Sarah Pell, Amazon Review

    Buy the ebook and audiobook

    Profitable Properties is your all-in-one guide to short-term rental success. With bit-sized sections and topics, it’ll become your go to reference for years to come. 

    ProPro also includes reader-only bonuses:



    Former Airbnb employee

    Best-selling author

    Airbnb Superhost

    2000+ nights in Airbnbs

    1000+ optimized listings

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