VR Property Management Contract Template


A professionally drafted and editable 5-page legal contract template between vacation rental management company and property owner

  • A 5-page Rental Management Agreement drafted by a California attorney
  • The document is meant to be for Airbnb host/property owner and Airbnb property management company
  • This contract is meant to be overly buttoned up and in favor of the Airbnb property management company
  • Edited sections and numbers are indicated with yellow highlights
  • A contract like this will take a professional lawyer two to three hours to complete and their hourly rate


  1. Melissa M

    Great for anyone in a hurry!!

  2. Andrew R

    Highly recommended it’s efficient and helps with the basics

  3. Macho & Jamie

    The contract worked great. A few tweaks and I got 2 clients right away.
    Well worth it.Thanks

  4. Cobalt Concepts

    It was an absolute lifesaver for us. We had a great opportunity fall into our laps to manage another property and it was time sensitive. I probably spent 15 cumulative hours scouring the internet looking for a template that talked about the way vacation rental management is done now (with verbiage that included AirBnB and other channel partners) instead of how its been done for the last 3-4 decades. Yours was the only one I could find that was comprehensive, relevant, and editable. I ultimately used it to build the foundation for our contractual arrangements with clients and it has served us very well.

    Getting started in this business and having others trust you to manage their properties can be very overwhelming. I’ve found several of your offers to be extremely helpful from a practical standpoint. They allowed us get stuff done instead of continuing to learn vaguely about the industry. To be honest, I’d have paid double – maybe even triple – for the template.

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