Vacation Rental Market Analysis


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This product will help you in finding the best investment. It will tell you what neighborhood, home size, and amenities are most profitable in any market of your choosing.

To learn more about the process watch this 7-minute product explanation video: Vacation Rental Market Analysis Explained

Based on proprietary strategies developed using enterprise data from AirDNA, this online report will identify the most profitable neighborhoods, home size, and amenities of any city around the world. It is often the case that adding an extra space (bedroom, bathroom, balcony) will net you tens of thousands of dollars in extra profit due to the unique market-specific demand.


The Vacation Rental Market Analysis an excel document and includes:

  • Average annual revenue of every location/home size combination (3 bed/1 bath, 3 bed/2 bath, etc.)
  • Identifying the locations/home sizes that have the most profit potential in your chosen market (the best 1-3%)
  • Instructions on how to best to take advantage of the information in the report
  • Spreadsheet calculators that are designed for each contract style
    • Real estate investors 
    • Rental Arbitrage 
    • Vacation Rental Property Management

The goal of the Vacation Rental Market Analysis report is to significantly increase the profitability of your next Airbnb listing by up to 25%. That's an additional $20,000 in a market with average revenue per home of $80,000.


This Vacation Rental Market Analysis Report uses a proven process to pinpoint profitable Airbnb locations (micro-neighborhoods), sizes, and features. With your AirDNA Market Minder subscription, we will parse the data and run it through multiple calculations, allowing us to determine the potential profitability of any Airbnb listing in the market.


This means you will be able to find a home for rent or sale and know with great confidence how much money you can expect to make on an annual basis. Knowing this information will maximize the amount of profit you make per home and allow you to avoid unprofitable homes.


The saying goes that Mcdonalds would spend millions of dollars on research to find the best possible corner and then Burger King would open up across the street. In this report, we are Burger King. We find others who have proven which areas and home sizes are profitable and we open up across the street. Adding to that the free information on OptimizeMyBnb.com about how to beat out your competition in terms of hospitality, you'll soon be the market leader.


All serious companies use data in their business to make educated decisions and you should too.


For more, read the related blog post "Vacation Rental Market Analysis: Strategy + Process"

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  1. Josh Beaugrand

    I can’t say enough about how valuable this market report is. If you are considering investing into a certain market, John’s report is a must have in order to confirm your decision or maybe have you re-consider a few things you may not have realized. This report is worth its weight in gold! Big thanks to John for offering his expertise in this field.

  2. Scott Haver

    I recommend purchasing this analysis to gain insight on the performance of existing short term rentals in your city. This report helped me identify my target investment property type, expected annual revenue, location and target features. John spent an hour with me to go over the report and to make sure I understand how to interpret and use the data. I feel more confident in the search for my first Airbnb knowing I have expectations backed by real data and not just speculation. Thanks John!

  3. Meja Aldrich

    Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with John’s work. He spent a lot of time with me going over the report and explaining the findings. Very thorough. I am now able to play with the data myself and do further research on individual properties and suburbs. I also like that I can send John a property we are interested in purchasing and he can provide further advice around the purchase.

    I truly appreciate what both of you do and the support you provide the Airbnb community. Both of you have helped me tremendously. Don’t stop!

  4. Daniel Rusteen

    This is Danny, founder of this website. I’m currently going through a purchase in Medellin, Colombia and purchased an AirDNA subscription to help me make the best decision. After I examined the dashboard myself, John helped me make some key discoveries with the data and gave me his opinion (which I consider even more conservative than my own!) on how the property in which I’m interested could probably net 50% more revenue by taking advantage of certain clear opportunities. To be clear, this home had 51 reviews and a rating of 4.91. There was nothing about increasing the service level that factored into his estimate, it was purely based on the listing and the listing’s competition. John has true expertise that I could see come through his explanations.

  5. Georges

    I am glad I purchased this product. A very detailed and extremely useful report, which is easy to read and get you straight to the point. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is serious about short-term rentals

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