Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist


Vacation rental cleaning checklist (4-pages) with recommended cleaning software, cleaning supplies, monthly/quarterly/yearly cleaning tasks, by-room checklist, and more. *Includes a cleaning checklist in Spanish*

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist:

  • A densely packed 4-page document that identifies differences between residential and vacation rental cleaning jobs.
  • You will also learn about cleaning software you can use to maximize your efficiency and communication.
  • Where to find the best cleaner no matter where you are in the world?
  • Everything doesn't need to be cleaned with each turnover. Learn about monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning tasks
  • Recommended cleaning supplies you must provide if your cleaning team does not. You can also judge your cleaners by asking if they have these supplies
  • General "Pro Tips" like leaving cleaning supplies out for your guests because (believe it or not!) many guests prefer to clean for you!

Buy your Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist today to avoid the #1 complaint of Airbnb guests'.


  1. Ashley F

    I am beginning my rental business in AirBNB shortly. This helped immensely I feel ready for Airbnb success.

  2. Crystal B

    Exactly what i was looking after. Can recommend this to anyone

  3. Jordan Hirschfeld

    Worth it’s weight in Gold. If your looking for a cleaning checklist this is the list to have. Trust me save your self some time and BUY IT NOW!

  4. Colby Gilbert

    The notes on finding and choosing a good cleaning team were really helpful.

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