Profitable Properties: Airbnb Insider Secrets by Daniel V. Rusteen (PDF)


Written by former Airbnb employee, Superhost, guest of 1,000 nights, property manager, and owner of OptimizeMyBnb.com, Danny Rusteen reveals the tips and tricks to get more listing views, earning a higher nightly rate, and rank high in Airbnb search. This is a must-read guide for all Airbnb entrepreneurs.

This book brings you from amateur to professional in no time. It helps you improve the profitability, visibility, + efficiency of your Airbnb business. With directed tips, advice, + suggestions you can rank higher in the Airbnb search results. This is a must-read guide for all Airbnb entrepreneurs.


Airbnb Insider Secrets to Find, Optimize, Price, & Book Direct any Short-Term Rental Investment for Year-Round Occupancy

Profitable Properties is your all-in-one guide to short-term rental success. Learn how to outearn your competition with tips from a former Airbnb employee and current Superhost, real estate investor, and Airbnb guest of 2,000+ nights.

This is a digital pdf.

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1 review for Profitable Properties: Airbnb Insider Secrets by Daniel V. Rusteen (PDF)

  1. david lochtefeld

    I launched my short term rental (STR) on Valentines Day 2023, and so far it has exceeded my wildest expectatations in revenue and personal satisfaction. I relied heavily on Danny Rusteen’s 2019 book “Optimize Your BNB” to ready for the launch, took most of his advice and found it to be 100% spot on in recommendations. So naturally, I looked forward to release of his new book Profitable Properties. I am not dissappointed in my purchase. Danny has the experience and ability to drill down to the core principles needed to own, setup and run a successful STR business. Topics delved into with more detail on Pricing, Optimizing your listing, Direct bookings and much more. I especially liked his bonus entry “How the Hell Do I Get in Touch with AIRBNB?”

    So much great information. My advice, if you are thinking of being an AIRBNB or STR, don’t go it alone. Danny is the man to be the guide. If you are an experienced AIRBNB STR host, this books gives golden insight on how to improve, thrive, and crush the competition. Timely advice for a maturing market. Buy this book.

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