Edited Photos


From smartphone photo to professionally edited image for your Airbnb listing.

This product is designed for those hosts who want to take their own photos OR for hosts who want to further edit professionally-taken images (see example images).

There are 2 steps:

  1. choose how many photos you want to be edited
  2. choose “Extra Unedited Photos” if you’d like to send additional unedited photos for Danny to make selections as to which are the best and should be edited.

For example, if you have a 3-bed/1-bath Airbnb, you might have 40 unedited photos from your photoshoot. Of those, maybe you only want 10 to be professionally edited. However, you want to send me all 40 photos for me to choose the best 10 to be edited. In this case, you will add 30 “extra unedited photos” to your order.

If you only want to edit existing photos, you will have a credit for any unused photos (ie if you buy 5 edited photos, but only have 3 you need edited right now).

Individually and manually edited photos. No filters here. Each photo has its own enhancements based on the condition and requirements.

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