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Over $2,400 of value in one package to help you to optimize your Airbnb listing and revolutionize your Airbnb business practices to increase your rate-of-return and improve the quality of your Airbnb guest experience and online reviews.

Optimized Host is a comprehensive strategy to increase your guest satisfaction (ie. reviews), while decreasing your time commitment each month managing your Airbnb.

Of course, this is in addition to performing a Super Host Optimization (included!) on your Airbnb listing to keep your ranking high. Danny will personally set you up with various tools to accomplish this.

Optimized Host will transform your hosting process from the initial guest message to review.

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Elevate Package + Lifetime Social Media Post, Elevate Package + 24hr Social Media Post, Elevate Package

Elevate Host Optimizations receive 20% off social media promotion.


  1. Kathy Zamsky

    I was happy, but also nervous about spending money. I cannot believe how much activity I have had since you worked on my listing. I gave you 5 stars also on a Facebook group and I’ve been getting a lot of messages on my Airbnb FB page about what I posted. I am sure some hosts will contact you.

  2. Justin H

    Dude!!! I’ve gotten $9k in bookings between my two properties since you worked your magic

  3. Christie Jacobson

    I have a new Airbnb that I’m just getting up and running. I purchased the Elevate Host Optimization and am very pleased. I wanted help getting set up and heading in the right direction. Danny’s products and processes are priceless and I will absolutely be utilizing his services in the future.

  4. Kourtney Hoffman Sellers

    I purchased and read Danny’s book cover to cover over the summer.
    I recently purchased a 2nd home and the elevate host optimization package because I knew it was going to be a lot of work to do everything I needed to do to get my listing in tip top shape.
    When Danny asked, “Why did you purchase the elevate host optimization package, if you read the book?” I explained that I wanted to get to market as quickly as possible with as little resistance as possible. Already managing a family, another business, a new home, and the holiday season, it made sense to have someone helping me with the process.
    Because I read the book, it made the optimization process that much easier. I don’t think I would have been able to jump in like I did and run with it, so the book was the perfect launch pad for the optimization provided.
    That being said, I am using the book now as a handy reference to refer back to when I want a deeper understanding of something that I need clarification on for my listing. I keep tweaking where I can and if I have questions, Danny is here to help. Thanks Danny! K

  5. Susie Michels Stutler

    I recently purchased the Elevate package from Danny to optimize my 2 properties. I was thrilled with previous experiences w/ him, so I knew it would be worth the investment. I’ve been hosting for 1 year and am a Superhost, but knew if I wanted to scale my business, it would be necessary to get an expert involved who could automate my listings as much as possible. Danny analyzed and updated all aspects of my listings- listing titles, pricing strategies, descriptions, house manuals, and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, he took on all of the work that I knew would take me multiple hours and that I had no interest in doing! He also automated my pricing, and messaging; both of which are the most time consuming aspects of hosting. Would definitely recommend the Elevate package to new or experienced hosts.
    Thanks Danny!!

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