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When an Airbnb guest clicks the heart in the upper-right corner of your listing, you’ve been saved to their Airbnb wishlist. More Airbnb wishlist saves increase your search rank.

Airbnb confirmed this: “When travelers add your listing to their wishlist, it does indeed help your search ranking!”

You are NOT buying Airbnb wishlist saves. You are buying a promotion that is likely to result in wishlist saves.

Delivery Time: 2-4 weeks (see below for details)

Where do the wishlist saves come from? They come from real Airbnb guest accounts.

Will it look suspicious/Will I get in trouble? It's no different than if your listing were to appear in an article, on an influencer's social media, or even in a popular Facebook group or forum post that got a lot of interaction. All these would result in more traffic to your listing page, some of which would result in additional wishlist saves above your baseline.

How long do they stay? They will stay as long as the Airbnb guest account is live. The vast majority of Airbnb accounts are live indefinitely, even if they become inactive (ie the guest no longer uses the account). There is no indication that a wishlist saved from an active Airbnb account is better than an inactive account. I anticipate no more than 5% attrition per year (ie 5 wishlist saves lost per 100 ordered per year).

Your purchase entitles you to a promotion likely to result in wishlist saves. I guarantee the number of wishlist saves that you want. However, the timing depends on the attractiveness of your Airbnb listing. If you do not attain the minimum number of wishlist saves (your order amount) then I will run another promotion until you do.

The number of wishlist saves is an estimate and depends on many factors, not the least of which is the appeal of your Airbnb listing. Your purchase entitles you to the number ordered +/- 5%.

Wish saves is one of the few things that Airbnb has commented on that there is a direct relationship between them and your search rank.

More wish list saves = higher search rank. It's one of many factors, but we know with certainty there's a direct correlation.

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