Super Host Listing Optimization Report


    • 150 $
    • 39 $

For the Airbnb host who wants results and a fully custom experience with a minimal time commitment.

With our best selling product, Danny makes changes directly to your listing + profile.

Delivered within 10 days of ordering, with an option for a 24-hour turnaround available for purchase at checkout.

Fully custom Super Host Listing Optimization Report + recommendations implemented by Danny (original text/photos/settings are saved) + priority email/chat support

Delivery within 10 days (24-hour delivery available for $100)

  • Custom Airbnb title
  • All text revised for conversion
  • Custom photo layout + captions
  • Airbnb guidebook creation
  • Custom pricing vs occupancy strategy
  • All settings optimized
  • Profile recommendations implemented
  • Smart pricing tool recommendation
  • Powerful strategy to increase listing views + wishlist saves
  • Powerful review feedback tips
  • Expert Airbnb hosting tips
  • Social media access
  • $300+ in discounts
  • Recommended blog posts
  • Airbnb host resources
  • Up to 50 photos + 500 words

Additional information

Delivery Time

10 days

Express Delivery

Express Delivery Time

24 Hours

Airbnb Listing Title Optimization

Airbnb Listing Text Optimization

Airbnb Listing Photograph Optimization

Photographs Analysed / Optimized

Up To 50


  1. Kevin Mease

    I got 7 new bookings in the last 24 hours. You’re the best.

  2. Michelle N

    Awesome, awesome stuff and I would highly recommend to anyone. I guarantee your listing will improve.

  3. Tim F

    I completed my third month of hosting today and, thanks to Daniel, I made about 50% more than I did when I rented out the unit long term.

  4. Kristin H

    Just throwing throwing this out there… i have had inmediate success

  5. Abigail J

    Wow!!! Looks so freaking amazing Danny, thank you! I also just did an incognito search for downtown Nashville listings for 4+ people and it’s the first one that pops up for every weekend in July hell YES!! Thank you x a million

  6. Morgan Shelton

    I can’t believe how fast my place booked up after Danny worked his magic. In the first month I am already making twice the income I would have made with a long term rental. Danny gave me the confidence I needed to venture into the AirBnB space and the fee he charges for his optimization service is marginal compared to the amount of value he provides.

  7. Aaron Nichols

    Thank you so much for your Airbnb Optimization Report. I made some of the changes you suggested and I received 5 new requests for bookings since. I appreciate your work on this, it really means a lot.

    I also purchased your book, Optimize your BNB, and am looking forward to diving deeper into it. You have helped my search ranking improve along with much needed guidance for a new host. Thank you so much for helping out.

    I’m currently furnishing another property now and I plan to incorporate your previous tips into all my future listings. Thanks again for all your knowledge and help along the way. I’m really excited to continue growing my Airbnb hosting experience through working with you.

  8. Amanda Penton

    So quick and worth it … it’s a great deal really. I was apprehensive at first, but Danny answered all my questions so thoughtfully, I thought I’d give it a go. I have seen a difference already, it’s only been a month! Danny really knows all the little things that make a world of difference.

  9. Whale House

    Wow … I don’t really do this (Pay online professionals to do online things) but Danny from OptimzeMyAirbnb was unreal. The results are off the charts. We had a few listening on Airbnb and a few other sites, and weren’t really seeing the return of investment we wanted. I did research on the best way to handle my situation and I was so overwhelmed … I was beginning to get frustrated. I found Danny’s site and ask him a few question using the handy online chat feature, which he personally answered. He answered all of my questions and was so helpful, I thought … imagine what he’d do if I paid him. So I did. And I am SO happy with the results, I’ve reached Super-Host in a matter of weeks … I’ve got so many bookings, I’m going to implement the 2 day minimum soon. I am so happy with OptimizeMyAirbnb services, and it was so fast. I really am so happy – I need to tell everyone.

  10. Sharon Brase

    Danny has helped me increase views and bookings by over 150%!!! AH-Mazing! (See the picture in the comments for proof.)

    Hello, I am an RN who recently decided to turn my home from a long-term rental into a vacation rental. I am new at this and I knew that “what I didn’t know could either make my business, or break it.” I decided to turn to Danny after I purchased his book and heard him in an interview on youtube.

    Long story short, I had been online for one month with only one inquiry and no bookings. I was averaging 10-15 views a day. After I implemented the changes Danny suggested, my average views increased to 40/day and the best part is… I HAD RECEIVED 3 NEW BOOKINGS during the first 2 days after I made the changes!

    I waited a week to write this review because I wanted to see the results first. His services are worth the money and so much more. Thank you Danny.

  11. Donna Corn Earl

    I just signed up. My airbnb in North Carolina. ★ Privacy ★ 2 Balconies ★ Fire Pit ★ Full Kitchn ★ listing title. Danny has updated it and I am looking forward to seeing the results. Airbnb is a little overwhelming for a first time host and Danny has made the process easier. Will keep you updated as time goes on!

  12. Linda Lyons

    Danny is really helpful, quick to respond and has great ideas and insight into how Airbnb works. Any host who wants to fully optimise their listing should definitely consult with Danny. Highly recommend.

  13. Christopher Emerson

    Really amazing work. On contact, immediately obvious how vast his expert knowledge is on all things Airbnb and marketing! Super insightful and invaluable information from an instantly insider’s perspective! I have been doing Airbnb a long time, have consider my success to already have been substantial. Daniel blew me away with his tips, tricks, additions, insights, and advice. Will be working with Daniel again in the future, for sure! Thank you!

  14. Andrew Samaha

    Daniel has saved me numerous times from mishaps with my own airbnb endeavors. I consider him an airbnb expert and an invaluable resource for all things airbnb/hosting. I don’t see any reason why any airbnb host looking to maximize their profits shouldn’t consult with Daniel regularly. He is beyond competent, highly conscientious, always more than prepared for consultations, extremely polite, always up to date with changing airbnb/state rules/regulations and most certainly great fun to talk to. I really can’t say enough about Danny and will continue to consult with him on a regular basis.

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