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In today’s competitive Airbnb environment, you need to set yourself apart at every step of the guest journey- especially at the beginning. The first thing an FPG (future potential guest) does is look at your Airbnb listings photos. Set yourself apart from the start!

Create a custom walking, driving, biking, or transit map for your Airbnb guest and highlight it directly in your photos.

When an Airbnb guest is looking to make a reservation, primarily they want you to sell them on your space and not your neighborhood.

Additionally, your neighborhood is the same as your immediate competition.

However, my custom Airbnb guest map accomplishes two things:

  1. It sets you apart in a positive light for the Airbnb guest who has never seen anything like it.
  2. The map is structured so that the guest subconsciously thinks your neighborhood is the best, eliminating some of your competition.

Your space and reviews should also set you apart and be a clear winner for the FPG. The custom map for your Airbnb guest is just the icing on the cake. It's a Level 3 Airbnb Hosting strategy.

I suggest adding this to the 11-15th photo assuming that you have the custom Airbnb floor plan adding somewhere between the 6th and 10th.

This purchase includes one minor change. A minor change is to update destination names, walking/driving lines, or adding/deleting a destination that does not require a new rendition of the map (ie the change is towards the center of the map). A major change is anything that requires a new rendition of the map and is charged at an extra $25.


  1. Rick M.

    I’ve purchased a few of Danny’s products. If you are a new host definitely consider this!

  2. Maria F.

    This helped my listing a lot, different from the rest. Great stuff Danny!

  3. C. Tate

    If you host cabins in Virginia, please don’t buy this, it’s my secret weapon; but for the rest of you awesome hosts I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  4. David Swopes

    The guest map is genius and such a clever way to make your listing standout from everyone else’s. Danny did a phenomenal job and I am so thankful for his recommendations and guidance. It’s made such a positive impact. Thank you Danny so much for all your help!

  5. Brandon Glass

    Danny and his team did a phenomenal job on the Airbnb Guest map. I highly recommend it! It’s a perfect item to add to my listings pictures and avoids unnecessary questions from guests! Thanks Danny!

  6. John Hildebrand

    Great design my guests love it and makes easy for them to get an idea of the location.

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