Digital Guidebook + House Manual


Order now to send an efficiently-created digital guidebook and house manual to your guest upon arrival to earn more 5-star Airbnb reviews.

Simply put, this is a MUST. Yet less than 5% of hosts do it. You want to acclimate your Airbnb guest to the neighborhood and your home as quickly as possible AND at the right time. Creating a digital guidebook and house manual is the first step.


The second step is sending it to your guest at an appropriate time, which is why the linked product is "Message Flow Strategy + Templates".


Upon purchase, you will fill in a google document (10 minutes) where I'll tell you what to include and what should be excluded. I will create your digital guidebook with this information.


  1. Lucia P

    My guests LOVE this, thank god I found danny

  2. Matthew F

    What a cool thing to have a 10/10

  3. Garret M

    As a new host certainly worth it.

  4. Giorgio Gelli

    Great Stuff!! Fast delivery and detailed explanations! I would highly suggest this item to anybody serious about their hosting

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