Guest Messaging Templates + Strategy


5-page document with 9 message templates to be used with a PMS like Guesty, Hospitable, Hostfully, iGMS, etc. (plus related Pro Tips)

  • 5-page document with 9 message templates to be used with a Property Management System like Smartbnb (plus "Pro Tips" related to messaging)
  • Save 80%+ time of your time you would otherwise use to send these messages
  • Suggested time to send each message to maximize efficiency and minimize guest questions
  • This is to be used with a digital guidebook + house manual which you can create on your own or have me create for you
  • These messages will increase the amount of and proportion of 5-star reviews you get, guaranteed! My review rate is 90%+ while the average on Airbnb is 70%. That means negative reviews affect me much less.
  • Plus, a bonus message to encourage repeat guests


  1. Justin C

    I am excited to start my journey and I feel well prepared to take on all of the tasks that come my way in starting up my first AirBNB!

  2. Robyn

    Highly recommend. Thanks Daniel!!

  3. Todd Z

    An essential product, makes my day a lot easier!

  4. Jay Gray

    I have been using the templates for over a month now. They have saved me a TON of time, and my guests really seem to respond well to them. I have also had all 5 star reviews so far since using them, with about an 85% review rate as well. I highly recommend these templates! I did tweak them slightly to fit my specific property, and I use them through SmartBNB.

  5. John Yakubik

    These template work like magic. Out of my first 3 bookings 2 guests had issues that potentially could have gotten me a bad review. I used these auto messages with Smartbnb and I got 5 stars across the board. These are amazing!

  6. Chris Ridgway

    Fantastic product. Great value. It’s a no brainer! Danny is an absolute expert in this area. Another fantastic value product. Essential for any airbnb host.

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