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What Is Intellihost?

In the world of Airbnb hosting, finding the right Airbnb data tool can make all the difference. Experience level doesn’t matter; the goal remains the same: to keep your listings visible, attractive, and, most importantly, booked. 

Amidst all the options, one Airbnb data tool has recently caught my attention — Intellihost. 

This Intellihost review dives into my experience using this innovative Airbnb data tool. It offers a data-driven approach to managing Airbnb listings, providing actionable insights that genuinely work to improve Airbnb listing performance.

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Understanding the Intellihost Dashboard

This Intellihost review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its user-friendliness.

This Airbnb data tool quickly connects to your Airbnb account, pulling data directly from your insights dashboard.

This data then gets displayed in an easy-to-understand format on your Intellihost dashboard.

This dashboard is where you can see everything from how many people are looking at your Airbnb listing (impressions) to how many actually click on it to learn more. 

In this Intellihost review, we will break this down into some key stages: impressions, first page impressions, clicks, and bookings.

This Airbnb data tool offers clear, actionable advice on how to improve at each stage. This means giving you tips on how to make your Airbnb listing more attractive at the impression stage or how to tweak your profile to increase clicks and, ultimately, bookings.

Impressions and Clicks: Boosting Your Airbnb Listing with Intellihost

When it comes to making your Airbnb listing stand out, two things matter a lot: how many people see your listing (impressions) and how many of those people decide to click on it (clicks).

Intellihost is an Airbnb data tool designed to help you improve both, and here’s how it does just that.

  1. Increasing Visibility: First, Intellihost helps by looking at how well your listing is doing in comparison to other Airbnb listings. It looks at how you’re doing in terms of impressions and focuses on pushing those numbers up. Remember, the more people who see your Airbnb listing, the better your chances of getting clicks.
  1. First-Page Impressions: Being on the first page of search results is crucial because most guests don’t bother checking the second page. Intellihost provides insights into how your Airbnb listing is performing and offers tailored advice on how to climb the ranks. 
  1. Automated A/B Testing with the Change Tracker: Intellihost’s Change Tracker feature allows you to experiment with different aspects of your Airbnb listing and automatically tracks the results. You can see if a new photo leads to more clicks or if a different title gets you more visibility. 

Insights Into Competition and Market Comparison

One of the coolest features of this Airbnb data tool is its ability to give you a peek into how you’re doing compared to others in your area.

You might wonder, “Am I getting more looks or clicks than the place down the street?” Intellihost helps answer these questions.

The Airbnb data tool lets you compare your performance not just with the average Intellihost user but, more importantly, with your direct competition in the market. This comparison is about understanding where you stand and identifying areas for improvement.

However, Intellihost makes it clear that the comparison feature isn’t about obsessing over numbers. For example, if you’re getting fewer first-page impressions than others, the solution isn’t always to panic. Intellihost suggests practical steps to improve, like adjusting your listing title or your nightly rate to be more competitive.

Recommendations and Actionable Advice from Intellihost

Intellihost provides a detailed breakdown to help Airbnb hosts like us improve our listings. They dive deep into our performance data and offer suggestions on where we can tweak things for better results.

This Intellihost review will walk through some of their key recommendations, focusing on keywords, guest impressions, and booking strategies.

Keywords: Do They Matter?

A standout insight from Intellihost is that keywords, surprisingly, don’t play a big role in your Airbnb listing’s success. While keywords help search engines, Airbnb’s algorithm doesn’t rely on them in the same way. Instead, focusing on other aspects of your listing will be more beneficial.

Watch this helpful video to learn more about why keywords might not be as important on Airbnb.

Booking Strategies: The Key to More Reservations

When it comes to boosting your bookings, Intellihost has some advice. For instance, they’ve found that allowing pets can increase your listing’s impressions. It makes sense—many travelers love to bring their furry friends along, and by accommodating them, you’re widening your potential guests.

Additionally, this Airbnb data tool emphasizes the importance of your listing’s overall score, including reviews.

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A high review score not only reflects well on your space but also encourages more clicks and, eventually, bookings. It’s a cycle of positive reinforcement: great stays lead to great reviews, which lead to more bookings.

Lastly, the idea of turning instant booking on or off is something to consider. Intellihost suggests that requiring a message from guests at checkout could potentially lower conversion rates.

However, balance this with your comfort and the level of control you want over who stays on your property.

Make sure you understand the flexibility concept!

Actionable Steps to Take Right Now

  1. Professional Photos: High-quality photos are essential. They’re the first thing guests see. Make sure your cover photo is inviting and that subsequent photos accurately represent your space’s quality and ambiance.
  2. Optimize Your Title and Summary: Make sure your Airbnb listing title is clear, descriptive, and highlights your property’s best features. 
  3. Pet-Friendly Policy: If feasible, consider making your Airbnb listing pet-friendly to attract a wider audience.
  4. Review Your Instant Booking Settings: Is requiring a booking message still beneficial, or is it time to streamline guest booking?
  5. Availability and Minimum Night Requirements: Make sure your calendar is up-to-date and consider your minimum night requirements. Sometimes, being more flexible with short stays can lead to more bookings.
  6. Price Competitively: Use Intellihost’s predictive pricing to set competitive prices for your Airbnb listing. This tool considers your property’s history and market demand to suggest the best rates.

Wishlist Saves: A Hidden Gem

Encouraging past guests or social media followers to save your listing to their Airbnb wishlist can help increase its ranking. Intellihost suggests using services to help increase wishlist saves, which can be a clever way to enhance your listing’s performance.

Check out options like Airbnb wishlist saves to give your listing a boost.

Remember, the goal is to make your Airbnb listing as appealing and accessible as possible to potential guests. By focusing on what truly matters—creating a welcoming, convenient, and well-presented space—you can see significant improvements in your Airbnb performance.

Intellihost’s Unique Approach to Pricing

When it comes to setting the right price for your Airbnb listing, Intellihost takes a smart and data-driven route.

Predictive Pricing Explained

Predictive pricing is actually pretty straightforward. Intellihost looks back at how your property has performed in the past to make educated guesses about the future. It answers questions like: How many people clicked on your listing before? How many days in advance do guests usually book your place? By analyzing this data, Intellihost can predict how likely your listing is to get booked on any given day.

How Intellihost Uses Historical Data to Optimize Pricing Strategies

Using historical data, Intellihost considers how popular your listing is based on past clicks and your usual conversion rate—that’s the percentage of clicks that turn into bookings.

For example, if your listing is 10 days away from a potential booking date and historically, it gets 90% of its clicks by this point, Intellihost will calculate the likelihood of it getting booked based on these trends.

This method allows them to suggest whether you should adjust your price up or down to increase your chances of securing a booking.

It’s important to note that Intellihost’s model doesn’t directly factor in your current price or the number of clicks you’ve already received for a specific date. Instead, it focuses on the bigger picture: the patterns of interest in your listing and how these can inform your pricing strategy moving forward.

The Myth of Search Rank on Airbnb

When it comes to getting your Airbnb listing noticed, many hosts obsess over search rankings. However, this isn’t as straightforward, and there’s a bit of a myth surrounding the importance of search rank on Airbnb.

First, this Intellihost review talks about why putting too much emphasis on your search rank might not be the best strategy

Airbnb’s platform is designed to provide a personalized experience for each user. This means that what one guest sees when they search for a place to stay can be completely different from what another guest sees, even if they’re looking for the same thing in the same area. 

Why does this happen? Because Airbnb uses a bunch of factors to tailor search results, including previous searches, bookings, and even the guest’s behavior on the site.

So, if every guest gets a customized set of listings, tracking your search rank becomes a bit like trying to hit a moving target. It’s variable, not static.One day your Airbnb listing might show up on the first page for one guest, and the next day it might not appear until the third page for another guest. Because of this variability, focusing solely on improving your search rank might not yield the consistent results you’re hoping for.

Now, let’s look at Intellihost’s perspective on this. Intellihost has noticed that because Airbnb aims to personalize the search experience so heavily, no Airbnb data tool or bot can accurately predict or track your true performance in search rankings across all potential guests. 

Intellihost did include a feature to track rank, but they did so more because their users requested it, not because they believe it’s a crucial metric for success.

This airbnb data tool recommends focusing on what you can control and what has a proven impact on your listing’s performance. This includes optimizing your listing’s photos, descriptions, pricing, and ensuring you’re providing an outstanding guest experience. 

These factors are within your control and can directly influence how appealing your Airbnb listing is to potential guests, regardless of where you appear in search results.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up this Intellihost review, it’s clear that this Airbnb data tool stands out as a must-have tool for anyone hosting on Airbnb. Intellihost equips Airbnb hosts with the insights needed to optimize their Airbnb listings,, enhance guest experiences, and, ultimately, increase their earnings. 

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, and innovative features, Intellihost is not just a helpful Airbnb data tool—it’s essential for anyone serious about making the most of their Airbnb hosting experience.

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