5 Intermediate Strategies To Increase Your Airbnb Search Rank

You are about to read number two of three blogs in my series on ways to increase your Airbnb search rank. Below you will find intermediate strategies in terms of time or money needed on your part to take advantage of the suggestions.


If you’re wondering where Part I (the easiest strategies) is plus the intro, click that link.


Otherwise, buckle up.


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Let’s jump right in…


Add Places Of Interest To Your Airbnb Guidebook

Add popular tourist destinations to your guidebook because these locations are searchable within Airbnb.

Airbnb guidebook


You’ll also show up on the location’s individual webpage on Airbnb. That’s a link pointing to your Airbnb listing from Airbnb.


Does it matter? I’m not sure, but it most definitely doesn’t hurt. Plus, it may lead to an extra booking. After all, if an FPG (future potential guest) is looking at local recommendations, maybe they want to stay in the neighborhood?

airbnb guidebook recommendation search rank boost


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Add A Self Checkin Option

First, you have to have a self-check-in option to be a business travel ready listing.


Second, adding this allows you to appear in more search results because this is a heavily selected option under amenities filters.


Think about it, after you travel for 24+ hours, do you want someone to greet you and ask you a bunch of questions and show you how different things work in the listing? Probably not. You’d probably like to unwind.

Airbnb self check in option

A self checkin option on your Airbnb can be high tech (digital keypad) or low tech with a lockbox. The point is, don’t require your guest to do a meet and greet upon arrival.


If the guest is asking lots of questions during the reservation, you can assume they’ll more likely want someone to meet them at the front door. However, if the guest books a month in advance and you don’t hear from them, probably self checkin is their preference.


Ensure Your Listing And Amenities Are Updated

Airbnb adds sections without telling anyone. They did this recently with the ‘People who clean my listing are paid a living wage’ checkbox under “Extra Charges” sub-heading in the Pricing settings:

Airbnb cleaner paid a living wage setting


They basically leave it up to the host to figure it out. Let’s turn this into an advantage by checking regularly and staying ahead of the curve. The most recent amenities added were ‘cleaning products’, ‘safe’, and, of all things, a ‘baking sheet’.


You can easily find this section under the ‘Amenities’ sub-section of the main page to edit your Airbnb listing.


Most of the amenities are not specifically defined, and should be marked off for 99% of listings:

  • Dedicated workspace – As long as you have some kind of table and a chair
  • Private Entrance – As long as the front door to the home is not shared with other people, even if it’s in a building
  • Lock on bedroom door
  • Internet

amenities section airbnb manage listing section search rank increase


Of course, if you are missing some amenities which you believe would make you more competitive in your area, consider purchasing a few extra. How about a ‘sound system’ aka bluetooth speakers?


Be A “Smoking Allowed” Airbnb

I recommend marking this off if you allow guests to smoke anywhere on the property like a patio, backyard, or rooftop.


Most smokers don’t even smoke inside their home so this is an exception and not the rule anymore.


You can and should clarify in the listing, typically under house rules where it is/is not ok to smoke. Smokers are often aware of these special rules and check for them. Also clarify if the windows should be closed or the smoker should be a certain distance from the home.


Often, especially in apartments, the host requires the guest to step onto the street to smoke. This would be a no-smoking listing as you need to entirely exit the space to smoke.


Note: This will disqualify your listing from being Business Travel Ready so check to see if you qualify (many listings do not).

Airbnb Smoking Amenity


Add All Home Safety Features

Airbnb wants to mitigate its risk and liability as much as possible. As such, it would make sense for them to give a search boost to listings with all available safety features installed.


In fact, you must have both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to qualify as a Business Travel Ready listing.

Airbnb Home safety features


That concludes part II of III of advanced/unconventional ways to increase your Airbnb search rank (i.e. appear in more Airbnb searches). I’m working on part III now and should be ready in a couple weeks.


In the meantime, please share any tips you used to increase your Airbnb search rank with the community. If you happen to add a tip that I don’t plan to cover in part III, I will give you a free optimization!


Click here for the previous blog in this series: part I (the easiest strategies).

Click here for the next blog in this series: part III (advanced strategies).

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