5 Unconventional Ways To Increase Your Airbnb Search Rank, Part I

Airbnb search rank

Warning: Advanced strategies. Part I of III.

5 Unconventional Ways To Increase Your Airbnb Search Rank, Part I. Click To Tweet


Gone are the days where I tell you to create a catchy title and cover photo to attract more guests. I’m giving you 14 advanced strategies in three parts to increase your Airbnb search rank. Luckily, advanced does not mean hard to implement. Instead, advanced means few hosts take advantage.


It’s no secret that a lot of where your listing appears in Airbnb search rank has to do with your hosting abilities (i.e. 5-star reviews). Most of the below strategies make you appear in more search results. The theory is the more your listing appears in relevant search results, the more it will get booked. And, the more it gets booked (with good reviews), the more Airbnb wants guests to book your place and your Airbnb search rank rises. A side benefit of all this is getting more wishlist saves which directly increases your Airbnb search rank. It’s the Airbnb circle of life.


In no particular order…


  1. Lower your minimum stay requirement


Every day you lower your minimum stay is going to result in your listing appearing in more search results. Thinking about it: if your minimum is 3 nights, you’re missing out on guests searching for 1 and 2 nights. I advocate one-night minimums. This will require you to scrutinize guest profiles more.

Airbnb Minimum Stay


  1. Eliminate your maximum stay requirement


If possible, completely remove maximum night requirements. Some hosts worry that the guest will stay because, in some areas, a guest would have tenant’s rights if they stay more than 30 days or so. This is like a shark attack because it’s incredibly rare, but each time it happens, it makes it to the news making it appear more common. Regardless, we’re in the short-term rental game, aren’t we? It may not be the worst thing in the world if the guest decides to stay at rental rates 20%+ above long-term market rate…


  1. Increase your booking window


I advocate opening your calendar to ’12 months into the future’ when possible. Obviously, you’ll appear in more search results. You can also charge a premium if a guest wants to book 3+ months out.

Airbnb booking window


  1. Lower your pricing

Hey, Airbnb host! If you're ever below 50% occupancy in any month, you're doing it wrong. Click To Tweet

At first, this appears to be ‘duh’, but I see so many hosts over value their homes resulting in abysmal occupancy levels (sub 30%). No matter where you are in the world (with few exceptions), if you’re ever below 50% occupancy in a month, you’re doing it wrong. Lower your pricing in increments of 10% and wait 7 days. Again, the lower your price, the more search results you’ll appear in. For those hosts starting with really high nightly rates ($200+), you’ll experience exponential growth in search results every $15 you lower your rate.


  1. Airbnb pricing hack

Use this Airbnb pricing hack to virtually guarantee more views. Click To Tweet

I covered this in a recent blog post, but it’s a simple strategy that virtually guarantees you more views. The catch is that you have to connect to a third party pricing partner. I recommend Wheelhouse for anyone in the US and Beyond Pricing for everyone else (alternative is PriceLabs which serves the entire globe).


Stay tuned for parts II and III in the upcoming weeks! If you have some unconventional ways to increase your Airbnb search rank, please share them with me in the comments.

  • David Penner

    Thanks for the refresher! I would also recommend pricing with round numbers (e.g $50 – not $52), since I think people mostly search with price caps that also have round numbers (e.g. $50).

    • DVR

      @disqus_82D5FSuHHk:disqus thanks for the comment! Just keep in mind that if guests search with dates, your nightly rate won’t show up with that round number, the number that shows up is inclusive of any taxes, fees, and cleaning costs (ie $67 instead of $50).

  • Vasiliy Smetanin

    None of Everbooked, Beyond Pricing is not available in the Dominican Republic

    • DVR

      @vasiliy_smetanin:disqus Be sure to check out PriceLabs.co (they cover the entire globe) – I’ve been happy with their service. Be sure you mention that you were referred to them via OptimizeMyAirbnb 🙂

  • Fran Maier


  • WOW, so glad you answered my question in Quora. I can tell we are like-minded colleagues. Thanks for sharing and caring.

    Judy Helm Wright–Author/Blogger/Intuitive Wise Woman