Useful Airbnb Links

A complete list of over 30 resources for the Airbnb host from the Airbnb Pro Referrer Program to the Community Center and Night At archives.

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Airbnb Tax Musts for All Hosts

airbnb taxes

Introductory post to get you thinking about your Airbnb tax related to your home sharing activities. This is a guest post by Shared Economy CPA who you should reach out to with any questions, they’re experts!

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Airbnb Host Insurance Information

Everything you need to know about the insurances provided by Airbnb as part of using their platform. I recommend three third-party Airbnb insurances at the end.

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5 Aspects to the Business Side of Airbnb

If your an Airbnb host, you’re running a business. You need to know the numbers. This gets truer, the more listings you have. If you need capital to grow, Clearbanc is a resource and writer of this article.

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How Safe is Airbnb?

airbnb safety

Conventional wisdom assumes hotels are safer than Airbnbs. This is far from the truth. Airbnb is safe, read to learn how + why.

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