9 Tips to Master The Airbnb Title

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The Airbnb title is for your guest, not you. It is the second most important feature of your Airbnb listing, excluding price and location which are filtered before any title is read. Regarding price, I wrote an article explaining an Airbnb pricing hack to guarantee more views. My guess is 90%+ of Airbnb hosts are not getting this important feature right. Given how many hosts overvalue their property in terms of their nightly rate, it is surprising to see so many lackluster titles. We have all seen them:


Beautiful, Relaxing Home in Downtown


Private, Quiet, Comfy, Clean Room


Two Bedroom Condo in Amazing City


Ugh! This blog post is long overdue. By the end, you will understand what goes into (and stays out of) the best Airbnb title’s.


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Focus on the front of your Airbnb title

May I demonstrate?

Airbnb title, mobile airbnb listing title.png Airbnb title, mobile airbnb listing title



Over…overlooking a dump?

21…miles from what? Seems far.


Maybe I am over reacting. It is ‘Overlooking Garden’ and ’21 minutes from downtown’, but hopefully you can see the point. On mobile or tablet and sometimes desktop, the end of the Airbnb title may be cut off. Regardless, those great adjectives are really selling the FPG (future potential guest) – not! This brings me to my next point…


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Your Airbnb title should be 50 characters or damn close

Airbnb appears to favor listings with longer titles. The maximum length of any title is 50 words so get to it or within a few characters of it. Refer to Figure 10 of this Airbnb search analysis.

Length of Airbnb title

Avoid generic adjectives in your Airbnb title

Simple. Do not use adjectives. If you have any of the following words in your title, pat yourself on the back for finding this post and go immediately change them when you are finished reading:

  • Cozy
  • Comfy
  • Convenient
  • Central
  • Charming
  • Renovated
  • Luxury
  • Studio, Condo, Townhouse, apartment, home, house, etc.


You do not want to use these because they are generic and do not communicate any information to the guest who is looking at a dozen other listings. You want to GRAB the attention of the FPG. Telling them your home is quiet and convenient in a central location is not going to accomplish that objective.


I want to comment on ‘luxury’ and ‘renovated’ which are, let’s say, tier 2 adjectives? At least they provide a bit more context, but you still do not want to use them in your Airbnb title:

  • Luxury – The photos will communicate this thoroughly to the guest. You want to communicate as much information to the guest in the least amount of time so this becomes an unneeded word. Delete it and add something better. Plus, if your home truly is luxurious, you will likely need to explain what makes it so. “Heated bathroom floors!”
  • Renovated – The pictures will also communicate this, but you need to add what was renovate and when. This is great to include in the ‘About this listing’ section. “Completely renovated in 2017!” If I am a guest, I am now thinking this home is not going to give me any hot water, heating, electricity, wifi, etc. issues.


Do not use the Airbnb title to identify one of your listings (property managers!)

More than once I have seen a code in the listing. It is always a property manager trying to identify the listing for themselves while totally disregarding the FPG. I get it, makes life easier for you. But, it does not make life easier for the FPG. Well, it sort of does. It makes their life easier by easily looking over your listing in favor of one with a better title. Hopefully, after reading this article you understand how important your Airbnb title is and how to do it right

Airbnb title, airbnb property manager


Use your amenities to sell the guest

Do live in a city environment typical of parking issues, but have a parking space for the guest?

Do you have a private rooftop with hot tub overlooking the Sydney Harbor?

How about a massive back patio with a fire pit?


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Then let the guest know in the Airbnb title. Other less dazzling, but unique and/or useful amenities are:

  • Fireplace
  • Washer + dryer
  • HBO or Netflix
  • Garden


Under the right circumstances, these may all be used in your Airbnb title.



I do not have a strong opinion on this one way or another. To me, capital letters seem to be connected with low quality and scammy behavior. The obvious point is to stick out and draw more attention to your listing. Capital letters give you less real estate to work with (see ‘Focus on the front of your Airbnb title’ above). I do not use capitals for my listings or the listings I optimize.


Do not add your neighborhood

This is a controversial recommendation. I know people who recommend using the neighborhood, especially a well-known one. I very rarely use the neighborhood. I assume one of two things:

  1. The average guest does not know anything about your specific neighborhood so telling them is not going to encourage them to book (ie save the words for something that is)
  2. The neighborhood is so popular that the guest already knows about it and whether or not your home is there or not.


One exception might be if two drastically different neighborhoods are bordering each other. Let’s say one is known for crime and the other is upscale and your home is on the border (yes, these do exist, look up Palo Alto and East Palo Alto). In this case, I may specify in the title or somewhere prominent that my listing is in the “nice” neighborhood.


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Here is a perfect example. Piedmont is a small, residential, upper-class neighborhood that no one’s ever heard of while Oakland is generically known for crime. Most guests coming to the area do not know the nitty-gritty on what parts of Oakland are good vs bad, etc. so it might make sense to call out the neighborhood here.

Airbnb title, airbnb neighborhood


(Maybe) use a location-specific descriptor

I am referring to a man-made structure (stadium, etc.) or a natural formation (beach). If you are by a stadium, you may think about using its name in your Airbnb title. I do not recommend this because the map shows your location within a few blocks. It is not necessary. The guest will zoom in the location and then look for a listing. I typed in ‘wrigley field’ and only one of the top 6 had ‘wrigley’ in their name. In this specific case, I do not think most guests will care if they are 2 blocks or 6 blocks from the stadium.

Airbnb title, airbnb seo, wrigley field


If you are next to a natural formation like a beach, it may make sense to call this out. Some guests want to literally be right on the beach. It may be difficult to know this without asking due to the way Airbnb shows the map. This listing could be anywhere from in the water to a 5-minute walk to the beach. If you cannot communicate this any other way, you can consider adding it to your title.

Airbnb title, bondi beach


Using symbols in your Airbnb title

This is my most powerful technique, the reason why I have it at the bottom 😀 To reward you for reading the entire article. I use a whole range of symbols for the listings I optimize depending on the situation. In the past, I have used musical notes, arrows, sunrise, chess pieces, wingdings, check marks, figures, numbers, happy faces, degree symbol, etc. But, the most common ones I use are the star (☆) or the heart (♥). Instead of saying ‘heart of downtown’, use the symbol to communicate the same information in fewer characters. Do not overdo it, though! Three maximum.


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The title is for your guest, not you. With so many Airbnb listings in your area (read about Pelin and her insane Airbnb competition), you need to do everything to set yourself above your competition. After the cover photo, your title is extremely important so why not optimize it for more Airbnb guests?


Let me know what you thought of this article in the comments. If you share a groundbreaking Airbnb title tip in the comments with the community, I’ll honor a 50% discount on any of the packages.

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  • Power Salad Cleanse

    Thanks Daniel, I read all the way through and got the reward you give as the best tip. I knew this strategy because I have done some research on the email and titles for marketing. I’m ready to use this tip in my title – thanks to this blog and you pointing it out.

    I hope to use your service to optimize my 2 listings too.

    • DVR

      Glad you found some good value in this post! Please reach out when ready to optimize 😀

  • Thanks for the headsup. Our title is “A Wright Place to Stay In Missoula” and it never dawned on me that part of it may be cut off on a phone application. I will try it out and see.
    Happy Airbnbing..

    Judy Helm Wright

    • DVR

      I actually noticed this while searching as a guest. As a host, it did not dawn on me either.

  • Migliari Fabio

    Thanks a lot Daniel for all this amazing tips!Just a question:how i can add and digit symbol on my airbnb title?

    • DVR

      What do you mean by ‘digit’? Send example

      • Migliari Fabio

        I just want to know how can i write symbol on my airbnb title using the keyboard of my laptop.

        • DVR

          I think it’s best to consult the Google for that one 😀 You can copy/paste the symbols I have above, that should work just fine.

  • Sasha V Davas

    Thanks for all the great info Daniel! Love the ☆ idea!

    • Migliari Fabio

      how i can add and digit symbol on my airbnb title?

  • Ginza George


    I added Play Area as the first element in title for my Arpora listing and used three symbols without space on either side.

    (1) Is adding Play Area as the first element a dumb idea?
    (2) Deleting space before and after symbols is okay?
    Like this: https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/11284733?preview_for_ml=true

    Also I noticed that when my listing preview comes, the base price for Saligao listing is 2600/- something because I had increased the base price in the pricing tool to offset the huge dip in price for some days, especially week days. Ideally 2660/- is high for Saligao and it should be 1850/-
    On the other hand the more premium Arpora has 1900/- as base price and ideally that could be 1999/- or even 2250/-.
    What would you advise me to do with the base price of Saligao besides the most visible thing to do which is reducing base price. Is there something else?

    I presume people would see this base price and quickly ignore it and move on to others?


    • DVR

      1 I can’t say for sure, you’ll have to test it. It would seem to indicate family friendly so if that’s the case and you believe families coming to your space would really value a play area, then it’s a good idea. The play area should be a nice, maintained play area.
      2 this is fine, a style choice, might look too bunched up, but you’ll have to test
      3 I’m not sure what you’re asking about base price. It should be about 10-15% lower than your lowest price. This is the price seen by guests who do not enter any dates.

  • Petra & Randy Young

    when I try to insert a symbol (star or heart) the listing shows a question mark ( ? ). What’s the trick?

    • DVR

      No trick…you should be able to copy/paste. Try a different internet browser or use the desktop (instead of app) version

      • Petra & Randy Young

        Nothing. I tried a different browser on my desktop. I haven’t seen any other AirBnB ads with the stars either. I don’t think they allow them. Just pops up as question marks.

        • Mud House

          I agree. I tried too.

          • DVR

            You’re right! Airbnb has disallowed this. Wow. I’m surprised! I’ve been doing this for years, since inception! I guess this is the last time I publicly post a top secret again, you’ll have to purchase a report going forward 😀

            I’m looking in alternatives now.

  • Allison Louise Bush

    Thank you for the great article. I changed mine after reading. My title now reads:
    “Door to door with airport xpress bus <3 FIreplace " Giving it a try 🙂

  • GO-Cottage

    Great article. I updated our title using all of your suggestions. So far no bookings or changes. Not even an inquiry. Any suggestions?

  • Giuliano V

    Hi Daniel, first of all, thank you for your work, I purchased your book and i find it very useful. I have a question regarding the airbnb titles. We manage 30+ listings in Bologna, Italy and as you can imagine it’s not easy to find the perfect title for all of them. What other amenities do you think are worth to mention on the title in cities that are more popular for cultural tourism?

    • DVR

      Thanks for the purchase. I really, really appreciate it. Please let me know what you think. Better yet, leave a review 😀

      This is a good question! I will answer it more generally and give you the rules so that you can think of proper titles for yourself and other readers can do so for themselves, too. When it comes down to it: What can you put in your title to encourage the most clicks? Are the FPGs coming for a specific tourist destination? If so, you can say ‘5min Walk to X’. Is there a large concert or game near your home? You can say how many minutes to walk there. Other high-demand amenities are: hot tub, patio, views, parking, Netflix, certain bathroom amenities, etc. If your house is run of the mill and you don’t have any of these then you’ll get run of the mill prices. Nothing wrong with that. Or, you can focus on one item in your house. Buy a really luxurious brown leather couch and feature it in your home. Get the guests thinking about sinking into it with a glass of wine. Intertwine the title with the cover photo if you go this route.

      • Giuliano V

        Thanks a lot Daniel for your reply. Very useful! I will try to make your tips into practice.

        I will surely leave a positive review for your book!

  • Sharon Vaughan

    Great comments. I think it’s the hardest thing to write – a good title. 50 characters. What do you think of mine? https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3330531 and also on vrbo http://www.vrbo.com/56320.
    I going to have to buy your book!

    • DVR

      I think ‘block to Donner Tahoe’ is probably self-evident? Instead I would be more specific, can they walk there in 5min? 2blks? 12min drive? But, I think they’re booking your place anyways because it’s close to this destination. If not, then it’s a good title.

  • Fil Yeskel

    Great tips but HOW TO CHANGE THE TITLE??? None of the Airbnb edit buttons seem to apply…

    • DVR

      Hi, Fil! It’s a bit hard to explain via text as everybody’s account is not identical. But when you are in the section where you can edit your listing, there is an ‘Edit’ button next to your title, just below the photo section. As a general note, you do need to take an hour and go through the entire system. If you don’t know how to edit your title, I am afraid you are missing out on many other important sections.

      • Fil Yeskel

        DVR, Many thanks for reply. For the benefit of your readers I’ve figured out why we were seeing different screens: When creating the listing, the Summary text box in “Section2: Set the Scene” has a 500 character limit! The characters remaining (or over) are shown in a little box in the upper right of the Summary. If you exceed 500 characters, there’s no warning BUT THE NEXT BUTTON REMAINS GREYED. This prevents you from continuing to edit other sections like the Title. Duh.
        Interestingly, it appears that once you’ve complied with the 500 char limit the first time, you can go back and add more text to your heart’s content.
        Awful UI! Somewhere a malicious junior coder at Airbnb’s site design contractor is smiling.

        • DVR

          bahaha! Thanks for the clarification. Yes, many options are not available when first creating your listing. Odd about the UI design because I never noticed and Airbnb is known for being UI friendly.

  • Meredith I Raymond

    Great article — I consequently purchased your book. I especially liked the tips around using symbols. The listing definitely “pops” with this addition. I would love for you to add some thoughts around differentiating in an already differentiated market. For example, my listing is aboard a yacht. That in an of itself stands out. Locationally however there are dozens of yachts doing the same so the differentiation needs to drill to a second tier.

    • DVR

      Thanks for the book purchase! Please do leave a review when you have a moment as it helps tremendously! As for the ‘second tier’, it’s a great thought! Put yourself in the mind of your guest. Why is your guest coming to your area? Do you have anything they want? If so, do they know you have everything they want (clearly communicated)? This is often NOT true so double check before you simply say yes and move on to the ‘second tier’ part. Then, go above and beyond, what does your guest want they they don’t know they want (think iphone circa 2007, everyone wanted this but they didn’t know they wanted it yet). How about a BBQ off the back of your boat? A slide into the water? A sunset captained ride one night? Floaties for the water? I know sometimes you have to use the public bathrooms when you rent a yacht, does yours have nice interior bathrooms? etc. etc. etc.