Airbnb Interior Design Tips (Easy-to-implement)

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Update: September 3, 2018

Key Points

  • Interior designed listings are able to charge higher rates and do better during slow season.
  • Interior design creates powerful photos and can help increase the mood of the guest when onsite.
  • This chapter contains do-it-yourself tips. See the last section for three professional remote Airbnb interior design recommendations.
Airbnbs with interior design are able to charge higher rates and have higher occpuancy. Read this article. Share on X

Interior design is truly an art. But, it’s also an investment. From my experience, interior designed Airbnb listings, even ones that have done just above the bare minimum, do better all year round than ones with no interior design. It is so important not only for great photos but for the functionality of the listing, too. I’m seriously impressed with anyone who knows how to do it because I do not. I have some recommendations below if you need assistance. If you’re like me, when you read about choosing natural colors, accent pieces, and a variety of textures, your mind goes blank.


This is why I set out to accumulate all the interior design easy-to-implement tips from the internet and advice from my interior design savvy friends in one place.

Here goes:

  • Buy artificial orchids. They’re cheap and require no maintenance yet will add some color to any room. Alternatively, fake plants work to add color to any room.
  • Choose a theme. As you may have noticed, I’ve chosen Airbnb as the theme of my website. This makes choosing colors pretty darn simple.

Airbnb interior design tips

Airbnb interior design tips

  • Always use white bed sheets. It’s a psychological thing. It’s no coincidence that hotels only use white sheets. They communicate cleanliness. You can add pillows or a blanket for some color.
  • Add a piece of framed artwork on the wall – the larger the better.
  • Put outside furniture, inside. Basically turns you into an artist with one move! You might need a second opinion to ensure it works, but this is a viable option most of the time.
  • Use super bright white paint with a matte finish on the walls and ceiling. Using the same color for both blurs the lines between wall and ceiling making the space feel larger.
  • Lay a doormat in the front entryway and to any balconies, patios, or backyards. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just a mat with ‘welcome’ is sufficient.
    • Here you get a bonus of helping the guest not track in any outside dirt (ie making your cleaning time shorter)
  • Add extra decorative pillows onto sofa, chairs, beds, etc.
    • This is a great place to add some color, but you’ll need to make sure it works. You can use this color wheel to ensure you’re at least on the right track when it comes to matching.
  • Add a wreath or a decoration to the front door.
  • Ditch the curtains. It’ll open up the room a bit. Instead, add roller shades.
  • Increase your lamp game. Each bed should have a lamp on both sides. This is the perfect spot to add a bit of frill because you really can’t go wrong.
  • Adding a rug to the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom is easy and can add a bit of color.
  • Always make a luggage rack available to your guest. Plus you can get a super cool bamboo or stainless steel one that can spice up your photos.
  • Dress up the ceiling lights, possibly add a chandelier or track lighting.
  • Open floor plans are great, and so are decor dividers, which can help separate spaces in an effective and interior-designed manner.
  • Fan out a bunch of magazines on the dining room table for a homey feel during photos (but, not too many!).
Fake orchids are the easiest was to add some interior design to your Airbnb. Share on X

Airbnb Interior Design Bonus Tips

  • When in doubt, get furniture that you can “see through” meaning something with lots of open spaces and not bulky, like such:

Airbnb interior design tips

  • Careful with hallways. Don’t add much, if anything, to avoid a cluttered look and feel.
  • Mirrors make all rooms seem bigger, lighter, and more open; anchor all mirrors no matter what!
  • Don’t have much, if any, personal items out. If it relates to you and you alone, remove it.
When in doubt, add furniture that you can 'see-through' to increase the appeal of your Airbnb. Also, mirrors. Share on X

Remote Airbnb Interior Design Providers

At the end of the day, if you’re trying to run a successful Airbnb, you must do at least a little to improve the look and function of your home. The above tips can be implemented by anyone. However, if you want to get more detailed, post a request for an interior designer to your friends on Facebook or local Airbnb group. Tell them you are looking to spice up your Airbnb. The great thing about interior design is that many people are good at it and enjoy doing it as a hobby!

Want an interior designed Airbnb without spending the money? OptimizeMyAirbnb has put together a list for you. Share on X

What is your best Airbnb interior design tip?


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