Airbnb Gift Ideas And Guide For 2024 And Beyond

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Here’s my list of Airbnb gift ideas and guide of recommended Christmas gifts for the Level 3 Airbnb host for 2024 and beyond.


Whether it’s a service or a physical product, all of the recommendations below are designed to take your Airbnb hosting to the next level.


I recently came upon a situation with one of my few managed Airbnb listings where the host was getting a higher proportion of 4-star reviews. Historically, this is a 4.95 average listing. What gives?


As the Airbnb property manager, I had been able to increase the base price from $425 to nearly $600 this year. But the host hadn’t taken my recommendations for value improvements.


You should always be providing value increases. Use this list to stay ahead of the “review curve” and continually get those well-deserved 5-star Airbnb reviews.


Said differently, we’re not just solving current problems. We are solving future problems. If you don’t get this point, comment for explanation. Trust me, it’s important.


I hope you are going to find some gift recommendations that you didn’t even realize you wanted!


Get ready to accept or deliver plentiful 5-star Airbnb reviews in 2024 and beyond. Let’s go!


“Profitable Properties” Book By Daniel V. Rusteen

Introducing the latest and most complete book for new, interested, and experienced short-term rental hosts and real estate investors. With “Profitable Properties: Airbnb Insider Secrets to Find, Optimize, Price, & Book Direct any Short-Term Rental Investment for Year-Round Occupancy” You won’t need to have 100 properties to have short-term rental success..


Ready to take everything to the next level? Give the gift of information. Ingest a decade of experience distilled into chapters like Vacation Rental Market Analysis, Pricing, Direct Bookings and more. Written by Daniel Rusteen, former Airbnb employee, Superhost, Airbnb property manager, and Airbnb guest of more than 2,500 nights.


Or click to go straight to the Amazon book page for “Profitable Properties”.



Airbnb Gift Ideas For The Bedroom

The Pillow Pancake (Adjustable Bed Pillow)

pillow adjustable Gifts For The Airbnb Host

Pillows are tricky. A firm pillow might be heaven for one guest, but hell for the next. A comfortable sleeping experience is just something you must get right. I recommend providing at least one soft and one firm pillow. The Pillow Pancake can accomplish this in a single pillow.


If this is too techy for you, then try the old fashion route:

One soft pillow for stomach sleepers.


One fluffy pillow for back and side sleepers.


Sunrise Alarm Clock

holiday gifts vacation rental airbnb host 2020 guide

Let’s start the list of Airbnb gift ideas speaking from personal experience as a guest: this would virtually guarantee my 5-star review and mention of this super cool alarm clock. If you wake up to the sunrise, you feel better. But if you’re not a morning person this creates a conflict. Now you can choose when the sun will rise with this alarm clock.

Potpourri scent bowls

potpurri scent bowls pillow adjustable Gifts For The Airbnb Host

Not only does potpourri create a good first impression by welcoming the guest to a fresh scent, but it also adds some color to your Airbnb rental and the photos.


To add a little kink with a fresh scent to your Airbnb, try some “poo-pouri“.


Alternative: Scented candles


Looking for something more? Check out my Airbnb Superhost Checklist.

Airbnb Gift Ideas For The Listing Itself


Custom Floor Plan

Not all the Airbnb gift ideas have to be for the host, some can be for the listing itself. Negative reviews are the result of mismanaged expectations. Set your FPG expectations with this custom Airbnb floor plan. I recommend all ‘Entire Home’ hosts to include a floor plan within the first 10 photos so your guests have a better idea of how your place is distributed and can picture themselves in it. An Airbnb floor plan will help Elevate your online Airbnb listing above your competition.

Guest Custom Travel Itinerary

The Custom Airbnb Guest Travel Itinerary is an intelligently designed itinerary for all of your future Airbnb guests.

You can email it to your guests, add it to your Hostfully digital guidebook, automatically send it with Smartbnb, or print out a physical copy in your Airbnb listing.

A custom itinerary will include a set of unique recommendations and local tips to help your guest have a positive experience in your city which affects your review and will help them know which are the hot spots around.

Airbnb Guest Walking Map

In today’s competitive Airbnb environment, you need to set yourself apart at every step of the guest journey- especially at the beginning. The first thing an FPG (future potential guest) does is look at your Airbnb listings photos. Set yourself apart from the start!

Create a custom walking, driving, biking, or transit map for your Airbnb guest and highlight it directly in your photos.

Thanks for reading my Airbnb gift ideas and guide for the 2024 Christmas season!

Airbnb Gift Ideas For The Rest Of The House

Schlage Electronic Keypad

Gifts For The Airbnb Host easy digital front door lock

Airbnb hosts ask me all the time about my check-in process and they’re surprised when I send this low-tech recommendation.


For zero headaches, install this simple hassle-free digital lock. You can spend $450+ on a techy electronic lock, but often they’re not worth the hassle as it costs money to install them and you have to learn new software in order to properly use them. Not to mention troubleshoot when things go wrong…when. They always go wrong with techy locks.


I’ve been using this one for years and have had zero issues with it. Whatever you do, don’t make your guest download a smartphone app to check-in.


Enjoying my Airbnb gift ideas and guide? Head over to my Instagram for more useful tips and hacks to improve your Airbnb game!

Outdoor, Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Gifts For The Airbnb Host outdoor bluetooth speaker airbnb listing

I started managing an Airbnb where the host provided a Bluetooth speaker for the guest. It wasn’t until one of the guests broke it that I realized how valuable this piece of hardware was. I had advertised these Bluetooth speakers directly on the Airbnb listing page, it was a nice pair with the landscaped yard, and the next 3 of 4 guests asked where it was upon check-in.


If you’re looking for something cheaper, this one is probably the most popular Bluetooth speaker ever with over 160,000 reviews (last year 30,000)!



Gifts For The Airbnb Host indoor plants

Ok. Fake orchids. But if you are in need of additional Airbnb guest inquiries, you may need to sparse up your interior design and take better photos. Fake orchids give an instant and easy pop of color.


For a more full-service option, check out services like Decorilla for remote interior design services for Airbnb listings. This will go nicely along side my other Airbnb gift ideas below.


You can also read my article for some easy Airbnb interior design tricks.


A Brand-New Bedroom!

I just invested over $3,500 on a brand new bedroom in my personal Airbnb, The Belmonte Penthouse.


Your guest is going to spend the most time in the bedroom and the most important feature of the bedroom is…the bed. You’ve already got the perfect pillow and the perfect alarm clock with prior gift recommendations and now you need a mattress and a few other items to maximize the comfort of this room.

Premium mattress: Adaptive, cooling foam mattress

Cheaper alternative: Hybrid innerspring and foam mattress


It’s no coincidence that virtually every hotel uses white sheets. They give off the appearance of cleanliness and they’re easier to remove stains from.

Recommendation: Quick-drying, wrinkly, fade, stain resistant sheets


Guests will eat and drink on your bed. Occasionally they’ll get sick (ie vomit). They’ll also do other, more enjoyable activities on your bed. You need something that protects your comfortable mattress from all types of bodily fluids, spilled food, and liquids.

Recommendation: Hypoallergenic, waterproof mattress protector


This is the cherry on the cake. It’s also an expensive cherry. But, it’s an investment. I have personally owned an adjustable bed frame for years and it is simply amazing. It’ll set you back a bit in terms of cost, but it’ll also set you apart from your competition. Can you remember the last time you walked into an Airbnb with this unique and convenient feature? For me, never.

Recommendation: Adjustable bed frame

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Part of your hosting success is being able to effecitvely communicate to the guest that you’re the superior option. You do this in a variety of ways. The best way to do this is to find the highest value improvements for your FPG (what is going to have the biggest positive effect?) and the lowest associated cost.


How many times do you think the guest has a robot vacuum cleaner? Zero times? Do you get my point?


Christmas Garland

Guests do ask about Christmas decorations. Make your guest feel at home and have simple but nice Christmas decorations in your place. Even if it seems irrelevant to you this is part of the essentials Airbnb gift ideas since it can make a difference to the FPG and get reflected in your reviews. You can even put this as your December cover photo as those guests’ looking for this added touch really have to dig. Make it easy for them!


Thank you for reading my 2024 Airbnb gift ideas and guide for the holidays!

Christmas Cat/Dog Bed

If your place is a pet friendly Airbnb you should know that people who travel with their pets think of them as part of the family and always want them to be as comfortable as any other family member.


Having even a small bed for them makes them feel like you care and this can set you apart from other hosts, even if they also allow pets.


Sonos Surround Sound System

Sonos essentially makes surround sound easy.


If you don’t already have a surround sound system this is a great opportunity to make it happen, this is why I recommend this product among my Airbnb gift ideas. Get rich, room-filling sound in up to four rooms with powerful Sonos speakers which are easy to use and it’s design fits just about any space, plus is humidity resistant and will ladd a stylish touch to your spaces.


In-Home Noise Monitoring

Two startups have emerged that help you keep an eye on your home even while you’re away in an effort to pre-emptively quash potential parties. NoiseAware measures the decibel level in your home while Party Squasher measures the number of devices connected to your wi-fi signal.


Use OPTIMIZE to get 20% off at either online store. Be sure to inform the guest of these devices within the ‘House Rules’ section of your Airbnb listing.


Or read my review of both of these noise monitoring devices for your Airbnb.


Share with me. What is another great gift for an Airbnb host? Tell me below, please! See you in the comments.


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