How To Contact Airbnb Customer Service And Support Quickly

How To Contact Airbnb Customer Service

If you’re a long-time Airbnb host then you know how terrible the Airbnb customer service is….was. In fact, in the really early days (pre-2014), employees in any department were expected to answer customer service phone calls.


However, over the years Airbnb has significantly improved the options provided in order to contact them.


There are numerous ways to contact Airbnb: calling, emailing, through the app, social media, etc. This blog will tell you the most effective ways to contact Airbnb.


Airbnb has grown to such a size that they now have call centers around the world. Personally, I’ve only spoken with people from America or the Phillippines.


The Airbnb customer service representatives in the Philippines have been very nice and helpful. However, they’re not going to be able to help you with complex issues and, often, you will have to explain to them how Airbnb works.


If you want to speak with someone in America, you will increase your chances by calling during the working hours of the USA. I found a neat and free tool that will convert your time zone. You want to call between working hours of the following two time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time is abbreviated as PST and is the time zone on the west coast
  • Eastern Standard Time is abbreviated as EST and is the time zone on the east coast


Always be nice and patient!


That’s important to remember. When you call Airbnb, you roll the dice. But your attitude greatly affects your chances of getting a positive outcome.


Here is what you get from Google if you search ‘Airbnb phone number’. This line has an average wait time of between 7 and 12 minutes:

airbnb phone number


And, recently I found this website which claims to know what numbers to dial and when to get the shortest wait time and to reach a human. If you try them, tell me about your experience in the comments.

Airbnb Superhost Priority Phone Number

If you are a Superhost on Airbnb, you get your own private phone number with higher-level employees and less wait times. Nowadays, sometimes your call is routed automatically to the Superhost line if you’re calling from the phone number registered to your account.

But if you’re calling from a different phone number that is not registered to your account, this is the Airbnb phone number you should call: +1.888.326.5753

List Of Airbnb Phone Numbers

If you are trying to find an Airbnb customer service phone number to call, Airbnb makes your job pretty difficult (though, they have gotten better!). You will have to dig around a bit to get an answer.


This is understandable, as most hosts and guests abuse these phone lines and create longer wait times for the rest of us. Through some digging, I found all their numbers listed in one place by country and I am pasting it here for your reference:

Airbnb urgent phone support telephone numbersAirbnb urgent phone support telephone numbers


If your issue is not urgent, try tweeting any of the following accounts:

You will receive a generic response, but they will usually get back to you within a few hours.


Airbnb Community Center

An underleveraged way to contact Airbnb is to consult the Airbnb Community Center. There are admins on there who can get you in touch with the right person. Here’s my profile on the community center:

Daniel Rusteen Airbnb Community Center Profile



Finally, you can always search LinkedIn for employees of Airbnb, narrow it down by department and send a direct message.


Airbnb Help Center

Recently Airbnb improved their Help Center so that you could actually contact them from it.

airbnb phone numbers - airbnb help center

After you click one of the two options above, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the ‘Contact Us’ button to the right-hand side.


Airbnb Application Support

The Airbnb app adds in another button you have to press to contact Airbnb, but it’s similar to the Airbnb Help Center on the desktop website. First, click ‘Profile’ in the bottom-right corner. Then scroll down to ‘Get help’. Click. Scroll down. Click ‘Contact Us’. See below.

how to contact airbnb app copy

Search LinkedIn

This is a long shot, but it’s worth a try if you’re desperate. Go to Airbnb’s LinkedIn page and click on ‘See all 14,004 employees on LinkedIn’. Depending on your LinkedIn membership, you can search these employees by department. Be considerate that you’re contacting them outside of the normal channels. I recommend being brief and to the point. At the very least they may be able to give you another idea on how or who to contact at Airbnb.

If you’ve used this alternative to contact Airbnb, has it worked?

Elliot Advocacy

If you have a serious problem with Airbnb and they’re not helping, please reach out to Elliot Advocacy. They’re a nonprofit organization that offers free advice and advocacy for consumers. Please don’t abuse their help, they do tremendous work. They’ve also posted some additional contact numbers at Airbnb. Here is the Elliot Advocacy Facebook page.


Have any other tips on how to get in touch with Airbnb customer service? Please share in the comments below.

About Danny Rusteen

Starting in 2012, Danny has been an Airbnb employee, Superhost, and Airbnb property manager. Danny lives in Airbnbs (2,000 nights). As a guest, Danny has traveled to 36 countries and sifted through thousands of Airbnb listings, so he knows what makes a listing stand out and how to offer a world-class experience to your guest. Follow his journey.


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